Thursday, September 28, 2023

Professional Left Podcast Episode #746

"Objective journalism is one of the main reasons that American politics has been allowed to be so corrupt for so long"  --  Hunter S. Thompson


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Robt said...

Coupe of things,

For Republicans who are all concerned about Biden's dogs.

As a Dog whisperer, I can tell you it is a natural behavior for a German Shepard to be aggressive and bite a NAZI . You can refer to Hogan's Heroes and how the shepherds worked with Allies in the prison camp.
It was Major who bit Biden's security. Who was Trump's security and still had the sent of Trump and NAZI on them. major was defending Biden.
Same with Commander. Fact is Major and Commander want to be present when Joe meets with McCarthy and House GOPERS of the Budget. I feel major and Commander both have positive input they can give in such meetings.

Both Major and Commander has expressed their desire to meet with Rep. Jim Jordan over his impeachment of their pal Hoe. You know, five private testimony in private with Jordan behind closed doors. Just the 3 of them.

The sent of the Trump on the secret service is like catnip for Major and Commander.

Biden wearing sneakers. Biden riding a bike is not a negative thing. Trump using his golf cart like a Hover-round electric cart for seniors may not be a negative but does display either laziness and old age.

Now that we have this most serious world disaster that was looming, taken care of. Can we now deal with loose nuclear weapons?

dinthebeast said...

Politics Girl did a nice takedown on the "both parties are the same" bullshit, logical, no swears, the whole bit. Perhaps there are people who need to hear that, I don't know. Probably can't hurt.
Couldn't watch the debate. Just no. From what I read, I didn't miss much. I sometimes wonder whether there is valuable information I'm not getting from skipping these obnoxious irrelevancies, but so far nothing.
So it looks like Kevin bit the bullet and passed a 45 day clean CR with Democratic votes. Now we'll see the underlying truth that Gaetz & co don't have the votes to get rid of Kevin. They are all really bad at this, and we'll be lucky to squeeze the basic functions of government out of the insufferable pricks. And at every turn it will be a crisis that goes right down to the wire, on the other side of which live consequences for them.
Haven't watched Biden's "we must save democracy" speech yet, but I plan on getting to it maybe tonight.
I think one of the reasons it's harder to stand up liberal media than right wing media is that the potential audience for it actually has lives to live, and aren't jonesing for any possible excuse for their dysfunctional views.
They are selling heroin and we are selling Walter Cronkite.
Walter wasn't perfect, but he beat the holy shit out of skag any day of the week.
Thank you again for the podcast. It's raining again, which is good on many levels, but it is starting to worry me that we may not make it out of here before it fucking snows again.
We got our covid boosters yesterday at the Vons pharmacy, so now not only are we not gonna die of covid for another year, but we got 10% off of our groceries. Hmmm. Last time it was 15%...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Note to Housed republicans.

Removing Speakers Levinas not allowed in your cult organization without the Cult leaders permission.

You have to know, the Cult Leader if Qwvin is remove may want that position of speaker.

If it shields REp Jordan being in congress it might be worth it to try and use speaker to shield him from trials and tribulations.

It could ad a whole lot of court filings to obstruct and delay.

But why would house GOP want to keep Kevin or upgrade to Trump when they could made their speaker Putin or KIm Jung. Bannon or Roger Stone for tha matter.

You know the True believers of the GOP which includes George Santos , or whatever his real name is.