Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Irony: Now It Belongs To The Ages


Today Rick Wilson strokes his beard ponderously and ponders what in the world happened to his Republican party?

Spoiler:  Cynical, "Toss the bigots and imbeciles red meat until the burst and then stampede 'em to the polls" Republican operatives like Rick Wilson are what happened to the Republican party.

Burn The Lifeboats


bowtiejack said...


bowtiejack said...


Robt said...

You knew your job as the professional Left was dangerous when you took it.

Which means you watch the GOP debate so we do not have to.

Then, just keep what you watched to yourself to not bring the podcast down to the FOX level .

Besides, there is nothing they can say or do that is wort listening to.

It is a given,
They say they are for state rights but want a federal abortion ban.

They are for free markets but start trade wars they lose with China, pass laws to save gas stoves and submit proposals to have government protect chocolates milk.

They are pro life and ban abortions to stop them. But they can;t find anuthing to do that would reduce 2nd Amendment very late term mass abortions at schools.

They say they love and support the military but worship a man who calls for the joint chief of staff to be executed.

They are for law and order but they want to defund the FBI, fire all law enforcement and replace them with people that will not enforce laws ever on republicans. Law and order are for others.

They hate government but go to extremes to get elected and maintain their government positions.

They love America and hate most Americans. Now hating includes their own GOP member of their Tree House.

They take an oath to defend the constitution but ignore it exists when it is to their advantage and convenience.

Like the free market doesn't include unions but government can make underhanded deal they can profit from.

They get elected to represent the people and nnow their personal religious views supersedes the view of the people along with selling representation to the highest bidder.

RossK said...


Writ larger...

Republican operatives like Rick Wilson are what happened to the entire US'ian body politic.