Friday, September 08, 2023

Meditations for Naval Personnel During a Time of Domestic Fascist Emergency

There once was a coach from Bama
Who clearly should be in the slammer
But voters of Red
Are fucked in the head
And want everything smashed with a hammer.

The story.   From the AP

Hundreds of military promotions are on hold as a Republican senator demands end to abortion policy

The inevitable Republican reaction.  From NBC News:

Senate Republicans try to blame Chuck Schumer for Tommy Tuberville’s military blockade

Tuberville gettin' stupider and fiddlin' harder while it all burns.  From MSNBC.

To defend blockade, Tuberville points at ‘poems on aircraft carriers’

Tommy Tuberville has tried and failed to defend his blockade on military promotions. His new line — complaining about Navy poetry — doesn't work, either.


Burn The Lifeboats...While Reciting Ozymandias


wibble said...

Dogdamn, Alabama. You had Doug Jones, and then you elected THIS brain-addled bag of hammers, who doesn't even LIVE in your state.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Won't you take me to... PotatoTown!
Won't you take me to... PotatoTown!

PotatoTown is keeping these promotions open so Trump can fill them with loyal NeoConfederate Flynn-its after the successful coup in 24, thus ensuring the 28 election is a No Go.

Fritz Strand said...

How did they get the people of Alabama to elect a ferengi?

dervy scram said...

Military has gone all Woke and giving The Blacks and upitty wimmens too many promotions. You really don't want to monkey all that up

Robt said...

As a veteran this hog coach irritates me . Excuse me while I scratch it.

He was offered a floor vote on his demands over this.

But he has refused to accept that floor vote. Which means, he doesn't have the votes.

So instead of legislating, convincing his fellow senators and voting on the legislation. He blocks prommotiions of soldiers that have nothing to do with his problem. His problem, he is a senator of Alabama but lives in Florida.

He sees nothing wrong with it but he does see a problem with a female in the military that ilives in Calif. has 3 kids and a husband getting assigned duty to Alabama. If she is raped and her and husband do not want another child, she does not want the pregnancy to interrupt her career opportunities. If she has a fatal fetus development situation.
One senior from Alabama gets to own her body or the military gets it.

Tuberville also has some difficulty with sailors and poetry on ships.

Ban all poetry is next?

I thought he was for state rights? The federal military is not owned by the state of Alabama.

Do ot kid yourself, his fellow GOPers in the senate agree with him and that is why they do not oppose this blockade.