Sunday, September 17, 2023

How It Started: Matt Taibbi Edition


How It's Going

What I predicted the future of Fox News would look like a few years ago.

That future is almost here.  Ironically, it will arrive without Tucker Carlson.  

This is why we...

Burn The Lifeboats


Kevin Holsinger said...

All right, let's just get this out of the way...

Did you tell Apollo you didn't want to date him after he gave you the gift of prophecy?

'Cuz that's how situations like yours tend to happen.

Robt said...

It would be a very sorrowful day , a day to have a lobotomy if I haunt had one yet. When I turn to most of these TV figures claiming they have information and news scoops that could inform me to have a better perspective on anything.

The laterally will support stories and reports on the legitimacy of the Flat Earth Society if there is a market for it or a nut bag billionaire willing to fund such nonsense to gain profit and celebrity.
Only a logatome would cut out my natural abilities to critically think.

They are like the people who walk their dog in your neighborhood and let the dog dump on your lawn and they quickly keep walking laving the present for you. While they have signs on their lawns about picking up dog doo-doo and would call the cops if they see someone whose dog dumped and ran on their lawn.

It doesn't explain them completely but displays they have that certain something that shouts, Dog shit.

dinthebeast said...

Why is Taibbi's name showing up in comments of blogs I read? Did he pull some new horse shit that I won't be able to avoid knowing about or something?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Nick Jr. said...

You know as I glance at that fact-free, charm-free, utterly shameless group of bullshit artists Andrew Sullivan, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, and Tucker Carlson, I am encouraged by the fact that each of them has fucked themselves out of some rather cushy gigs in the media, and all of them are less prominent than they used to be. Tucker most notably will go to his grave knowing things will never be as good for him as it was when he was on Fox. Ant that's pretty cool.