Thursday, September 07, 2023

Adam Kinzinger vs. The Will of the People

This is former congressman Adam Kinzinger on a well-known podcast yesterday: 

Adam Kinzinger:  This is where again the only advice I can give and how to defeat this -- like we can talk about it, and we need to because people need to be aware of it -- the only advice I can give is you have to win elections.   And by the way you win elections by seeing what people care about today and going after those issues.

Got it!  Figure out what people care about and go after that!  Cool!

Here is Adam Kinzinger 90 seconds later...

Kinzinger:  As a member of Congress here's what I can tell you the pressure is because we dealt with this remember this was like the defund Obamacare where it's, like, you go to a town hall or you go out in the district and this one little thing.

In other words, what those people care about, right?

Please continue.  

Kinzinger: So in Wisconsin right now it's, if you're a state representative, the one thing is are you going to impeach the Justice or whatever.  And that is the only thing people ask.

Wow!  Those people must really care about that issue!

Please continue.  This is very exciting!

Kinzinger: You could say, like, look I have the most conservative voting record.  I'm gonna fight! And they're,  like, are you going to vote to impeach the Justice?  I had a group tell me, that pressure is so intense you end up either having to decide "I'm not going to run again." or "I'm going to impeach the justice."

And?  And?

Kinzinger: It's like ... mob rule!

Whoa, whoa, whoa...slow your roll there sparky.  

You literally just got through telling your audience that the way you win elections is by figuring out what issues "people" care about and going after those issues.  

But no matter how clearly and adamantly the people are making their wishes known, when it's an issue you don't approve of, then suddenly it's "mob rule"?

So maybe the question isn't what do some nebulous group called "people" want. Maybe the question should be why do they want what they want?

What do people's preferences -- and how strongly they express them -- tell you about who they are and why they believe what they believe?

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Robt said...

So GOPers put their ear to the ground swell of the FOX brainwashed and the Astro turf and go after it.

As Obamacare repeal and replace (without the replace).
It was too expensive to have a affordable health care plan and America cannot afford it. America can afford health care for all of Congress and their staffers somehow.
Then again, Trump promise a much better health care plan that covered more and cost very little and all the GOPers cheated on. Never materialized, that replace plan of greatness.
Who would have thought health care could be so hard?

It is like my GOP House REp who came out all of a sudden as a PRO-LIFE believer. Zealously.

I contact his office and ask, Would you support a national abortion restriction?
Yes and he will not apologize.
I am not asking for him to apologize but I am wondering why he is not for state rights anymore after being a state rights zealot?

Well, well. He is for state rights. Just said he is not. That he would over ride state rights for Abortion ban nationally. Where is the states rights in that?

And another thing, He is Pro Life and he derives this position from his personal held religious views.

I mean what about my views? He is my only House representative?
Let me put it this way,
The first Amendment states, "Government shall not establish religion. my representative is government and he would use his personally religious held views to ban abortions nationwide?

How about freedom from religion?
Why does my representative's personally held religious views he will employ to vote on a national ban (for his GOD). Why does his religious views supersede mine????
He is my only House Rep. how do I get my religious beliefs recognized and voiced if he discards all constituents beliefs to favor his own?

I am well aware that the representative has attended many Pro Life rallies. He is the representative of everyone in the district. Tell me, provide me with any, any Pro Choice rallies he attended?

So as the districts representative, he disowns people of his district that are pro choice? They aren't tax payers ? People in his district that deserves representation?

Office staffer: I have several call that need to be answered . I am going to have to let you go.