Thursday, May 25, 2023

Professional Left Podcast Episode #720

“Churchill didn't dance around the Nazis; he called it fascism.”--   Michael McCaul


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Jon Sitzman said...

Good morning, DG and BG.

As one of your listeners, I do understand that Pres. Biden is up against the wall due to the crazy caucus having control of the US House. I do understand that Pres. Biden will, in all likelihood, put some IRS funding on the block, to allow McCarthy to save face.

I don't have to like it; it is political reality within the current system and composition of Congress.

I agree there will be very-online "leftists" who will bash Pres. Biden no matter the outcome. I was here for the era of FDL in which the Obama Administration was regularly referred to as "this hellspawned presidency." They will bash any Democratic decision. ANY.

I hate to say this, and I might well be wrong, but my thought is to essentially ignore them almost as much as we ignore the Foxies. They've chosen their trench and they're not going to leave it, even as the mustard gas rolls in. "WAH WAH WAH! YOU DIN'T DO IT MY WAY! WAH WAH WAH! I WUZ RIGHT! WAH WAH WAH! DEMS ARE STOOPID! WAH WAH WAH!"

You may choose not to post this comment due to my dismissive depiction above. I understand that and stand by it nonetheless. I've talked to some folks like this. They're almost as unreachable as the Foxies, IMO.

The best I think we can do is support our elected officials for the good decisions they make, ask them to do better through every channel we have, and accept/expect that there'll be heavy criticism from "leftists" who seem, at least to me, fairweather friends at best.

Thanks for the cast, and the painful story at the end. This is indeed a propaganda war.

Keep doing what you're doing. It matters and you are appreciated.

Hang in there. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a link you your old Douthat Sacred Heart image but what the hell is this bleeding heart, woke Jesus crap anyway? Could somebody ask some of our great conservative Catholics when it will be replaced by a muscular well armed manly Jesus?

Denny said...


dinthebeast said...

So it would appear the the folks who know how to govern are going to craft a solution to this hostage attack. Nobody will like the solution, as every option involved sucks donkey balls. Those donkey balls appeared prominently on the horizon the nano second the goddamn Republicans won control of the house, and were a major test of the nascent Biden presidency. Sure, he got a bunch of bipartisan stuff done at his leisure, but what about a three alarm crisis perpetrated by a hostile Republican party with control of one lever of power?
Hasn't happened yet, but the outside the box options are seeming less and less like the only non catastrophic way out of this.
I read someone on Twitter today who said "No Labels is a Republican superpac, full stop."
Thank you again for the podcast. Zsuzs has gone down to Oakland for a while, and a frog has been singing its little heart out right outside our window today.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

This talk about all those Matts.
Such a coincidence that I am about completed all the testing o my proto Type, Matt Trap.

Could be on sale soon Trying to get the Sham-Wow guy to do my commercial for it.

All I can tell you right now is, it is a cross between a bear trap and a drug bust while your in bed with a dead underage naked boy.