Monday, May 22, 2023

Ep 719 No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: Robert Fiske And All That

"No, no!" said the Queen. "Sentence first-- verdict afterwards." 
-- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Jon Sitzman said...

Good morning BG and DG!

Thanks for the cast. I wish I could speak to several points you made in this cast, but I don't have time right now.

I will say: I think your description of Mr. Mueller is painfully on point. His actions frankly baffled me. He has to know what his (relative) silence and inaction enabled.

I suspect, going only on intuition, that in a few years, after this Trump insanity has died down, that Mueller will publish a book (possibly through a ghost writer) giving brutal details of his report, and bashing Barr for the lies, misrepresentations, and abuses of power that Barr committed as Trump's bespoke legal hatchet-man.

But he'll do it after it's too late to make any difference. Rather like the recent revelations regarding Reagan's wheeling and dealing with Middle Eastern leaders to weaponize the Iran hostage crisis as a weapon against Jimmy Carter, the hard evidence and confessions around this will come out long after the damage is done, perhaps irrevocably.

I cannot understand why, and how, anyone can excuse such hesitation in their own mind. Mr. Mueller was the former Director of the FBI. He's not stupid; he's not uninformed. He's not unaware of what is happening. Perhaps he sees it through some lens of "institutionalism," as BG notes. I still view it as inexcusable.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps Mr. Mueller will simply go quietly into the good night, and leave this garbage fire blazing without offering even a token hand-wave to why America should put it out.

If he does speak - again, far too late to do any good - then I hope his reward is equal measures of thanks for finally saying something, and condemnation for not saying it when it would have mattered.

This isn't a case of a journalist taking extra time to make sure the story's details, witnesses/sources, and hard facts are clearly and correctly understood (a common excuse for Bob Woodward sitting on the Trump Tapes for as long as he did). Mueller had the information, he knew what his own report said, and he sat quietly and let it be misused.

I will appreciate it if he does eventually raise his voice, to be sure - but I won't forgive him for waiting until long after the moment when it would have been most meaningful, useful, and potent for the country that Mueller solemnly swore to serve and protect.

Thanks for all you do, y'all.

Jon Sitzman said...

Yeah, it's me again.

From BG: "We spend about 20% of your donations on health insurance and copays, so if you can help us, we would appreciate it."

As a healthcare worker since the 1990s - I want you to know that the above statement makes me sick to my stomach. It is criminally absurd that a nation with the wealth of the US treats its citizens so dismally in regards to what should simply be a basic human right.

Hearing y'all speak about the Clinton era and Republican abuses during that time also reminds me that the trend towards "Managed Care," which my father (also in healthcare) called "Managed Cost," was also largely a Republican creation, part of their drive to reformat the US healthcare system into a profit complex. (And like most of their abuses - it fucking worked.)

Profitization of any system or industry, under the western capitalism model, tends to lead to a completely predictable outcome: whatever the stated goal that system/industry, that goal is almost completely sidelined in the interest of profit maximization. Rural hospitals? Gone. Community clinics? Gone, or absorbed by huge healthcare systems, usually to be relocated to more convenient (i.e. highly traveled, a.k.a. profitable) places.

If "corporations are people too," then why can't we try them under the same laws as individuals? (Obviously that's snark.) Because - and this IS NOT snark - almost all of them are demonstrably sociopathic.

Don't get me started on the school voucher system and private charter schools.

I'm sorry for the financial struggles you face. They are almost completely invented by false scarcity, and almost completely solvable by intelligent (progressive) taxation models.

I hope you get to see more sense return to this country soon. Heaven knows you deserve it.

Thanks, again, for all you do.

Robt said...

What medical name is there that is used to define the mental illness when ,

Someone remembers back to something very bad , something really stressful, a real bad moment in time and now as they recall it. They laugh about it?