Tuesday, November 22, 2022

No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: David Brooks, Part 5

"Both right and left are dividing into upswinger and downswinger camps..." 
-- David Brooks, 2017
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Anonymous said...

Thank you as always for holding up a spotlight on the monstrosity of the US political media. Sadly it is wisdom bound only for ears which have already heard it, but the paramount importance of the message remains. I live in hope that one day your chronicles will reach a broader audience. (If I ever win the lottery, you'll be the beneficiaries of an angel investment for sure.)

Our political media is beyond derelict, beyond corrupt, beyond decrepit, beyond salvage. Ashley Parker, a senior political correspondent at the Washington Post, casually compared the WHPC not being invited to Naomi Biden's wedding... to the Trump administration's deceitful behavior. Unironically. She later posted a hasty "TO BE CLEAR" message trying to unfuck this fuckery, of course. But the fact that someone who's a paid political writer and correspondent could even put these words to pen (or pixel) is bellwether enough that the political press in America has gone beyond the bounds of satire or parody. It's monstrous.

And of course, that such sentiments were posted - that someone even thought them - is also indicator of exactly why the Bidens were right not to invite the WHPC. They're vultures. They would have turned a wedding ceremony - stressful enough in its own right - into a macabre dance of "who can find or create a Biden scandal first."

Monstrous. They are soulless fucking ghouls.

Soulless. Fucking. Ghouls.

Robt said...

Broks has always been one of those oddities that complains when republicans screw up by promoting the notion that, "Washington is broken and politicians are failing us.

But when sink bomb put on a timer to go off when Democrats take over part of our government.

It is all about Democrats with liberal arrogant intentions

that always goes awry and how we need republicans to be in the front car of the roller coaster.

It is how he always finds his way to both sides are it.
When his beloved GOP (whomever they say they are today), and no matter how very bad their failure(s). Even 10 times devastating worse than any Democratic mistake.
His shining neon light on the GOP bullshit mountain says,
Both sides do it and are equally bad.
He just doesn't seem to use his both Siderisms when Democrats hold and use majority powers. Then it is the one side, Democrats.

But hey, I am talking about a guy who gets his straight scoop of what is actually going on in America from the pulse of an imaginary strawman who drives a cab.

Tony said...

You could also point out the “as vague as possible” strategy that conservatives (of every stripe) must employ in order to have even a slim chance at successfully deploying their both-siderist bullshit. Brooks is a master at being as vague as possible, especially when he talks about “identity politics” and extremist campus Marxism.

It was most noticeable in this episode where Joy Reid is mentioning a specific attack on the clergy and Lowry is just saying “antifa antifa ANTIFAAAA!”

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