Saturday, October 22, 2022

When You’re a Schmidt, You’re a Schmidt All The Way Redux

Was it really just three years ago -- exactly three years ago -- when we all gathered here to share a hearty laugh at how predictably (and predicted) the cable teevee/political consultant merry-go-round had dropped off Mr. Steve Schmidt on the threshold of his brand new career as the golden boy who would would shape Howard Schultz into a Mighty, Third Party Powerhouse?

Then, after Mr. Schmidt blowed up his own podcast real good because the man does not like being asked impertinent questions and cannot control his temper --

Steve Schmidt Storms Off Own Podcast When Asked About Advising Howard Schultz

-- and had fleeced poor, ol' Howard for every nickel he could, the cable teevee/political consultant merry-go-round picked him right back up again and began, once again, laundering his reputation such that he could be slotted right back into the MSNBC lineup without missing a beat.

Soooo much laughter.

Gales of laughter.

That post began with me, quoting myself from back in February of 2019.

Thank you your Honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  I would say that I await your swift and just verdict, but I think we all know exactly what that verdict will be.  After taking Howard Schultz for every nickel he can, sooner rather than later Mr, Schmidt will be welcomed back into the loving and lucrative bosom of the Insider's Club.

Because, as I may have mentioned once or twice, the Insider's Club has only two rules:
  1. There's a Club.
  2. You are not in it.

Then, in fulfillment of prophecy, on October 19, 2019...

And on October 21, 2019:

We even gathered 'round the campfire and all sang a little song about it.  Remember?

When you’re a Schmidt
You’re the top cat in town
You’re the gold-medal kid
With the heavyweight crown!

And now, looking backwards through the lens of time we can see a pattern emerging.

  1. Steve Schmidt declares democracy is under immediate and critical threat from the party he spent his entire adult life building.

  2. Steve Schmidt announces that everyone needs to get with the program by getting behind the Democratic Party and pushing like hell.

  3. Steve Schmidt loses his temper in some big, public way and dynamites a project that he founded or created.

  4. Steve Schmidt suddenly announces that the Democratic Party is too fucked up for him to be a part of and goes off to court a Heroic Third Party candidate with Very Deep Pockets who Schmidt swears is the last hope for democracy.  

  5. When candidate runs out of money to pay Steve Schmidt or otherwise doesn't pan out, Steve Schmidt is welcomed back into the bosom of MSNBC where he once again declares democracy is under immediate and critical threat from the party he spent his entire adult life building. 
This entire cycle is liberally (pun intended) seasoned all the usual Never Trump tropes: incessant Both Siderism,  seething contempt for Liberals, and a broad-spectrum refusal to accept any responsibility for helping to build the GOP doomsday machine that is in the process of destroying the republic.   

I wrote all about that here if you're interested ("I Am The Book-Burning, Moron Left".)

So having identified the pattern,  where are we on cable teevee/political consultant merry-go-round now?

Well, Schmidt still believes that MAGA/Trump Republicans are an immediate and critical threat.  So check #1

Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he’s registering Democrat

So check #2.

And he has very publicly and definitively blowed up The Lincoln Project, which he co-founded.  So check #3.

Which brings up to phase #4, in which we ask the question, is there any evidence that Steve Schmidt has suddenly announced that the Democratic Party is too fucked up for him to be a part of, and is now court a Heroic Third Party candidate with Very Deep Pockets who Schmidt swears is the last hope for democracy?

Funny you should ask.  

From Steve Schmidt yesterday, the Democratic Party has failed.   Which is Sad!

Killing the MAGA movement is beyond the capacity and imagination of the national Democratic Party’s sclerotic and inept leadership. It has failed utterly...

Not only that, but the entire two-party system has failed! Which is Super Sad!

The American two-party system has failed. 

Therefor the only possible solution is...

This moment of national crisis demands the creation of a new political party that will serve as a coalition partner to the Democratic Party...

Oh, did I fail to mention the headline of Steve Schmidt's post"

How Liz Cheney can kill the MAGA threat

But my very favorite paragraph from Schmidt's manifesto is this textbook example of Never Trumper denial, deflection and weasel-worded evasion.  

There are millions of Republican voters who are appalled by both Donald Trump and the Democratic Party. It matters not whether I approve of their analysis or risk assessment. It is simply true that, for whatever reason, millions of Americans remain unconvinced that Donald Trump is a threat to them, while maintaining that the Democratic Party is.

It's the "for whatever reason" that makes it art.

You want to know the reason, Steve?  Try looking in the fucking mirror.  

 You and all of your wormy Republican mercenary cronies and media goons and billionaire funders spent your entire adult lives building a Republican doomsday machine with no "Off" switch.  

You and all of your wormy Republican mercenary cronies and media goons and billionaire funders trained generations of GOP base voters to actively flee anyone who tried to tell them anything they didn't want to hear.  To reflexively mock such people, slander them, attack them as Liberal scum regardless of whether they're a card carrying member of the Book Burning Moron Left like me. or an outspoken "Democrats are Pure Evil" hard right wingnut --

-- with a 99.9999% Conservative voting record, which is exactly why Liz Cheney got slaughtered in her own home state.   

And now you that you and your shabby Never Trump pals have successfully colonized America's political news media, what do you spend your time doing?  Bitching that Democrats' "Big Tent" isn't quite big enough to suit you, and that the Democrat Party has failed because it hasn't been swift and efficient enough in disarming the electoral doomsday machine that you Republican assholes explicitly designed to be impossible to disarm.

But hey, when you’re a Schmidt
You’re the swingin’est thing
Little boy, you’re a man;
Little man, you’re a king!

I Am The Liberal Media


Robt said...

On the Liz Cheney video clip

She doesn't mention that the Jewish religion has a religious right to abortions. The GOP beloved Israelis.

Odd how she doesn't recall how silent she was when the
RNC finance Chairman, Elliot Broidy persuaded and had to pay to convince his mistress to have an abortion so his family values with his wife and 3 kids would not have to be bothered with his affairs and a bastard child in the future demanding part of the family inheritance.

She has nothing to say of Herschel Walker and his abortion funding. That she is well aware David Duke or whoever be it now the KKK Grand Pulbah. Would never allow one of his daughters or granddaughters to give birth to a Black mans baby.
That there are many women that are of the GOP role play persuasion that have and will abort if they need or must.

There is nothing to stop a wealthy person from attaining an abutilon but a woman of small means with 3 kids in La. where abortions' illegal for any reason. She finds out her fetus developed without a shill and will die once born . She cannot abort and must carry it to term for it only to die. And she can mis work and worry about where finances will come from to feed had house her and her 3 existing children. If she lives.
I am here to say, Liz Cheney if she had a deformed fetus with no skull at 8 weeks or so and doctors told her it will die out of the womb and has no head. She would not carry it to term. Her daddy would shout anyone in the face who tried to get between her and her abortionist doctor.

Burt hey, I will never face it as a male unless I am the husband like the husband of the woman in La with the deformed fetus..

Women may have to use their 3nd Amendment rights to thwart a tyrannical government at the state level.

You see, by the GOP's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, you personally and individually get to declare when and why the government is tyrannical so you can use gun force.

What concerns me about Liz Cheney is that she announced she birthed 5 little Dicks, born into wealth and inheritance as aristocratic future asshole to deal with.

Daniel Becker said...

Yeah, and big mouth Chris Matthews is back too. Oh and Morning Joe referred back to the good old days of the 70's when there were only 3 networks. They were far left liberal. And, the NYT, far left liberal too as he longed for the good old days when the GOP was the GOP.