Tuesday, October 04, 2022

No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast Episode 1: Player Development

"Memory is the Liberal Superpower" -- driftglass
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Anonymous said...

I just clicked Play and am only listening to the intro so far... but let me tell you, I'm so glad you two are putting out more content.

Sometime in the twisty mists of the future, what you do (and have done) will be recognized for what it's worth.

Y'all are awesome. Keep on keeping on.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Just finished the podcast. Now I'm left imagining that this is how you and Ms. Gal end ALL your podcasts...


Best to you and your loved ones.

Robt said...

Remembering stuff.

It is an advantage but the GOP has an over flowing toilet for way too long and there is so much to remember.
Much of it is wildly extreme enough which makes it easy to recall. Yet it has become so overwhelming and right downtown small trivial issues.
Sometimes it is smack in your present reality face simultaneously.
Case in point, Mar A Lago document thief demands "his " documents be returned to him while at the same time

Another baffle, The media continues to headline the question, "Why does Senator Johnson keep saying, "J6 tourists were not armed:?accusing the FBI planting the documents.
Our News and opinion media continues to find it difficult to give legitimate clear reporting which is meant to give some other side of the facts (alternative ones) the manure to sprout indecision.
They keep asking the question as if there is something to Johnson's LIE. When the headline on it is that Senator Johnson cannot find the truth and continues to sin against his God by bearing false witness.

dinthebeast said...

Sorry I'm late, but Saturday is when I have time set aside for listening to your podcast and writing a comment about it.
First, let me just say that I liked how you wove the Katie Abram thing into a tight story that explained how the goddamn Republicans have a system set up that allows them to prey on regular folks' lust for fame.
Allow me to reach back into the mists of the past for an example:
Long ago you used to do a thing on your podcast that you called "Stump the Chump" or something like that, in which listeners were invited to submit SF trivia questions for Driftglass to answer. The one (three) I submitted was about a Dune reference in John Hodgeman's correspondants' dinner set where he demanded that Barack Obama answer three questions about Dune to prove he was really a nerd.
Earlier in his performance, John Hodgeman said something to the effect of "Even against all of that adversity I still managed to achieve the American dream, I went on television."
That version of the American dream still has a powerful pull, even in this ultra fragmented media environment, and all of those already propaganda addicted folks out there probably see a shot at getting on Hannity rather like I would at one time have seen a shot at getting to play onstage with Led Zeppelin.
The main difference being that Led Zeppelin wouldn't try to exploit me beyond getting me to fork over the long green for albums and concert tickets. That might have been a different story had I been a cute girl, but we won't dwell on that just now.
Thank you again for the podcast, I did like what you did with this one.

-Doug in Sugar Pine