Monday, October 03, 2022

Pink Floyd Heaven is Creepy AF

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Robt said...

Past time to ask the big question

many hold a view that aliens (life in outer space) exists.

There have been many planets identified know that hold the essentials of life to exist.

If it does and there are aliens out there.

Did God create them? It is not mentioned in the Bible.

Will God instruct Saint Peter to let in the good aliens through the pearly gates or do they all get sent to hades?

I seen the movie , ""All dogs go to heaven". But that is not in the Bible.
Are our clergy avoiding these important questions.
Never heard one single pastor ,evangelists, Pope address this. Why Not?
I have had pets. A dog of 15 years became a family member by am any means and I know it has a spirit. A soul.

I think all religions should get on this and not rest until they find the lost scrolls that address it.

Perhaps this mission could occupy these church leaders so they can ignore their prerecessions of people at least for a while.

I mean, what would heaven be like if it was void of man's best friends or other laminal pals.

Without these creatures, heaven could be creepy.

Anonymous said...

Ok, took me almost 20 years to connect the dots, but Driftglass is a TLA SIGINT numbers station. Carry on!

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