Friday, July 01, 2022

Let Me Save You an Hour of Your Valuable Time


The Extremes on Both Sides ruined John Roberts' Sensible Centrist slow-motion demolition of Roe.

Repeated over and over again.

That's it.  

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Robt said...

Like overturn Roe for excuses fed by right wing billionaire funding. For example, Save the Unborn but do not fund any medical or living standards to enhance the Unborn.

Roe was decided wrongly and should be overturned. But cannot explain how it was wrongly decided other than their closely held religious beliefs.
So redeciding Roe and overturning it "Wrongly" makes it right? Or makes it right (wing)?

Anxious to see how little they put into overturning the Civil WAR because these 6 people from the Federalist society "believe" the Civil War was wrongly decided.

GOP have become NAZIS without a swastika.

Anonymous said...

It's petty of me, but I sincerely hope that the Roberts Court's place in history is fiercely negative. Might take a generation or two (conservatives will be careful to write the history books while they can), but future generations looking back should know how much awfulness, how much vileness, has been unleashed by so few dishonorable, conscienceless bullies.

Hopefully by then the US will have a far more sensible and well-premised government. (Wish for the moon, wish for the stars.)

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous,if it's any consolation to you, I suspect Roberts is going to go down in history with barely a better reputation than Roger B. Taney. And you can be sure, these six corrupt justices have barely begun their destruction of the rule of law in this country. Actually, Taney may end up looking better than Roberts- at least Taney believed the sick hatred that formed the centerpiece of his judicial legacy; Roberts is nothing but the leader of a pack of out of control criminals.

Robt said...

Understand one thing about the rights historical view of the court.

As time goes by with the court direction. Even GOP voters, including MAGA who end up growing out of it.

Are going to find they too, have had rights taken and the mess they made of America and our lives. How the court removed rights of freedom and reserved it for the wealthy elite.
The court will take freedoms from conservatives . Give it time. They hate everyone but their masters.

MAGA sees the high courts as the Trump court and not the Roberts court anyways. many think Trump is making the SCOTUS rulings and the justices are only bobble heading Trump's decree. I am sure the mysterious "Q" will announce this any time and within a rubric cube of riddles to figure out to get to the answers. So that the Libs won't be able to decipher and learn of their plans.

As a strategy it is still worth the attempt of reverse psychology on the right wing. By telling them we too are for banning abortion and allot heir wet dream issues. To see if they will predictably do the opposite . Just to stick it to the Libs.

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