Monday, June 20, 2022

Sometimes the Hypocrisy is Almost Painfully Hilarious

We're going to play a little game.  I give you the quotes and you guess when who said them.  


From the Lincoln Lads:

Galen:  You know, if you're sitting on the Oval Office, like, y'know, the power of the office.  The power of the presidency -- 

Guest:  It's intoxicating, I'm sure.

Guest:  Yeah, it's intoxicating, but it seems [Trump has] been able to do this to people for decades.  So his venue changed, but his behavior and his effect didn't.

Guest:  And that's true of extreme narcissists generally.  It happens in relationships.  It happens with families.  It happens in toxic workplaces other than the White House or the Trump organization.  Where the guy who's nominally in charge or one spouse or some... cousin or somebody just beats on everybody and it's just easier to just sort of humor him or avoid him than it is to confront him. It's just not worth it.  That's what Trump did to everyone.  

If you guessed David Brooks, you'd be wrong.

If you guessed Martha Mitchell, you'd be wrong.

If you guessed Norma Desmond, you'd be wrong.

If you guessed George Conway, well congratulations kiddo!  You get a gold star!

Yes this fragment of an extended riff on the cowards and enablers in the White House who knew better and did nothing, and the toxicity of narcissists in families and in relationships who just grind you down until you give in is from none other than the spouse of this slice of morally bankrupt gorgon:

So you can just imagine how hard I laughed and laughed when I heard this tumbling out of George Conway's mouth, during an interview in which Reed Galen conspicuously steered a very wide berth around any mention of George's spouse or her deep complicity in every act sedition and betrayal the Trump administration got up to.  

Truth be told, I'm still laughing.

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Ian said...

I love the mug shot on that CNN clip. Great column, as always. Stay classy DG.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I was actually thinking about this post when I did that tweet thread aimed at Even the Liberal MSNBC's Joy Reid suggesting she, or Chris Hayes, or kindly Doc Maddow, have you, or Steve M, or Yastreblyansky, on their shows one of these first times. "Just for the novelty, you understand," as Marvin said when he announced that he might start walking in backwards circles after a few more million years.

Robt said...

How George criticized Trump's legitimacy of performing his job outside legal guidelines. While his Kelly Girl was nipple deep in the Trump sewage. Always had me wondering George's reactions if his wife , after fully breaking law. Like when she went on a show and promoted Melania's clothing line of when she stood in front of the White House in front of a camera and began her extreme partisan political campaign ramblings about those brash Democrats and all.
It was up to the president to discipline his Adm employees. If Trump had admonished an, reprimanded Kellyanne for her defiance of the well established rule and presidency of not campaigning on White House grounds.

Most important, She has a book to promote that is not selling. Not even the RNC is buying it to hand out as free gifts at fundraisers.

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