Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A Brief History of Recently-Former Republicans

The 70s:  Why do those crackpot alarmist Liberals keep simpering about me building some kind of monster? 

The 80s:  I'm not building a monster!

The 90s:  Definitely no monster here!

The Aughts through 2016:  These crackpot alarmist Dems need to stop with all of this crazy talk of monsters.

2016:  Holy shit, where did this monster come from?

Every day since:  Since those stoopid, feckless Dems failed to stop the monster they need to shut up and let me run the lab!

Burn The Lifeboats


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to see people on one of the largest liberal blogs (DK) speak in earnest defense of The Lincoln Project, Jennifer Rubin, Tom Nichols, and other recently-turned GOP "converts."

"The enemy of my enemy is now my supervisor," indeed. I don't even engage in debate any more - "We need every ally, Stalin/WW2," etc. Say as much as you like: If you let these folks have a seat at the table, they'll work to make the current Democratic party into the Reagan-era Republican party. They are already doing that.

I don't say it as well as you (DG and BG) do.

Jim from MN said...

Nothing more precious than newly-minted, independent “Never-Trump” Republicans complaining about the overwhelming stench of the massive shit pile they spent their whole professional life building.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

I'd also add that Igor wants to hunt the Monster without any mention of his role in making it. And some of the villagers keep letting him on TV to talk about how horrible the monster is. I think he's part of something called, "The Van Helsing Project."

Best to you and your loved ones.

Robt said...

I would like to have my shot at making history.

There is so much mumbling about how prosecuting Trump is really tough because proving Trump's intent is so hard we just can't do it.

Put me on the jury. I am prepared to be sequestered even.

"believing you were wronged does not validate some exclusive law that makes it legal for you to break the law.

If you look and listen intent came out of Trump's mouth, out of his coffee boos mouths, out of his worshipping devout.
If I may make a complaint to the wrong place (here). Andrea Mitchell is a poor excuse to fill air time of news.
She is so bothered the president was exposed for his childish bratty behavior of throwing a tantrum on Jan 6 ending with throwing food all over the walls and stomping out of the room.

How can someone like me express my thoughts and gratitude to the MSNBC CEO and executives for the special preference poured all over Mr. Greenspan's wife. I mean the gratitude MSNBC gives to GReenspan, He must of really did something profitable for MSNBC when heading the Fed Reserve. A long lasting thanks you I am sure is at my expense in more ways than finance or listening to Andrea.

Robt said...

Ginni Thomas who was more than eager to tell everyone she was more tha happy and couldn't wait to testify under oath to the J6 committee.

Now has a lawyer who speaks for her and says she is not so eager to testify.

Ginni's God works in mysteriously predictable ways.

You see, she can bear false witness in the public domain. But \bearing false witness under oath with a perjury penalty/
Well , as a constitutional religious originalist infected by the federalist society. She is ashamed to bear that false witness under oath in the name of her God. Or something like this.

using God to justify your crimes is as old as the pre south civil war using Bible to justify slavery.

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess wit...