Wednesday, May 25, 2022


People are free to stand in the middle of a hurricane demanding that the wind stop blowing.

People are free to face off against a flood and insist the water should stop rising.

People are free to ask Twitter for a "Who's with me! Show of hands!" endorphine hit for their bold wind and water takes.

People are free to demand that all sorts of impossible things should be possible and that other people should hop-to and do all those things immediately.

Those people are then free to stomp away furious that their demands changed nothing.

I understand people like that.

I used to work in I.T.

We called people like that "users".

Politics Is a Strong and Slow Boring of Hard Boards

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Robt said...

The republicans say they cannot do nothing to stop mass shootings. They sure can make weapons easily available.

If you ban guns only outlaws will have them.

If you ban abortions'. Only outlaws will have them.

Justice Alito Roe overturning draft (with the other "republican" justices) in his leaked draft. Stated the word "abortion" does not appear in the constitution.

Oddly enough, the weapon title name "AR-15 does not appear in the constitution / 2nd Amendment. But Muzzle loaders and Muskets does specifically appear.

There once was an Assault weapons ban that the republican majority in congress allowed to expire. When that ban was in place. mass shootings were down dramatically. There were attempted lawsuits to have the court strike it down as unconstitutional but the SCOTUS denied those attempts.

After the ban expired mass shootings with assault weapons rose dramatically.

There is no confiscation required if they put the assault ban back in place . Grandfathering those weapons already owned. It would prevent future mas shooters from having that access so easily and would reduce these very late tern 2nd Amendment mass abortions.

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