Saturday, May 28, 2022

Coming Soon To a GOP/NRA/CPAC/RNC Book Bulk-Buying Scam Near You

Long ago the marketplace for political books became garbage heap of unreadable totems of team loyalty, Beltway-approved "seriousness" signifiers, reputation rehabilitation talismans, passports to mainstream media access and just one more way to funnel cash to wingnut monsters.

And like everything else in our broken political culture, I don't see that marketplace unpolluting itself anytime soon.

Burn The Lifeboats


Denny said...

Well, the underlying book scam, perhaps a subset, is that the GQP buys up thousands of those books with a candidates name on it, as a legal way to skirt the campaign finance laws, and/or, at a minimum, enhance the personal financial well-being of their preferred candidates. And, understanding AOC's "bad guy" vid from 2019 about how it's all done, explains the drill.

Robt said...

I am surprised they haven't got their GOP state legislature GOP tree house club together to ban doors altogether.

Someone has to explain why is it when the GOP have majority control of the House and or Senate.

Visitors in the balcony area are not allowed to bring their Assault rifle (Long guns, for you gun enthusiasts), into the capital visiting observation balcony over looking all the congressmen?

Why is that?

By the way, what is going to be the assault weapon choice of the women who now must defend themselves against government religious tyranny? UZI? AR015, AK-47?

Mac 10 in the purse?

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