Thursday, January 27, 2022

Professional Left Podcast #635

"Only don't tell me that you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry."
-- Michael Corleone, The Godfather    
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Neo Tuxedo said...

E.B. White wrote about future shock when Alvin Toffler was still in knee pants. It was a New Yorker fiction called "The Door", and it was also about learned helplessness, a topic equally relevant to our day. I guardedly recommend it.

(At the beginning of his Hugo-winning 1967 novella "Riders of the Purple Wage", Philip José Farmer has his main auctorial mouthpiece observe that "If Jules Verne could have really looked into the future, say 1966 A.D., he would have crapped in his pants." A quarter-century or so later, when Verne's 1863 novel Paris au XXe siècle was finally unearthed, we learned that he had made some pretty good guesses at 1960, and that his pants, like Buttercup's eyes, had not remained precisely dry.)

Robt said...

Haven't listened in to the podcast this week as yet.

So no comment, Yet.

I did want to point out that Stephanie Miller has one of the best Laura Ingraham imitations of her voice I have heard. Maybe better than the Gal who imitates Laura on SNL.

So I was wondering. Would Blue Gal care to take a shot of being the best (voice)Laura Ingraham imitator?

You have the podcast, you have the time, you have the microphone. Do you have the nauseating nasal conidian honker in you?

One time for the Olympic Gold . and the fun of it. See how you match up to the other two mentioned.

dinthebeast said...

Not gonna lie, I'm liking Biden's rhetorical turn lately. Kinda surprised that I didn't see any accusations of sabotage over the bridge that fell down when and where he was doing an infrastructure speech.
You would think that the complex structure of lies and propaganda that holds up the world today's Republicans live in would eventually collapse under its own weight and complexity, but there always seems to be a few bales of US dollars stuffed into the wobbly parts just before the inevitable happens.
Joni Mitchell announced that she wanted her music off of Spotify today. Let's hope that she has as solid of backing from her label as Neil Young had. She probably will, as Spotify has turned toxic as a brand, and their stock is in freefall. I really enjoyed Trevor Noah's tweet that Neil Young was really gonna miss that monthly $1.67 check now that his music isn't on Spotify any more.
I've never listened to Spotify. I think I was at a birthday party once where they were listening to Pandora.
I saw some horse shit about a new organization that was determined to keep Kyrsten Sinema from ever holding office again, and I was like, dudes, she's not. Then I saw the names they were claiming to support and I went "OK, you're Republicans. Please go fuck yourself."
Thank you again for the podcast. The snow on the ground has turned to ice, but we managed to make it to town two days ago in Zsuzs' Subaru. Briana said she got her car onto the road from its parking place yesterday, so perhaps we can make it to town under our own power next time.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Addison DeWitt said...

I'm a relatively new listener to the podcast but long time (and satisfied) Driftglass customer. The give and take between BG and DG at around the 51:16 mark -- 'are they racists?" or 'are they morons'-- has moved me to add my $.02. Obviously, you're both right. They are being 'governed' by fear as BG pointed out, but it's more of a fear of white workers losing out in the economic race with those 'city folk'. A terrifying loss in status. It's been going on for awhile. Btw, you should both take another look at "In the Heat of the Night', and particularly the beginning scene where Poitier is arrested, and Steiger's Alabama police chief is *stunned* to learn that Mr. Virgil Tibbs is making a lot more money in Philadelphia, PA than he is. Uh oh. The white rural/rustbelt middle class has been barely holding on for years. And now they have to watch a rising black middle class, and omg, their favorite brands openly courting them on the TeeVee. They're also stupid--as you've been pointing out forever-- in that they vote against the one party that could bring some progress and infrastructure to these places and grow the economy. They are stupid and racist in trying to go back to a past where their one big comfort at the end of the day was they were at least living better than those you-know-who.

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