Thursday, January 13, 2022

Professional Left Podcast #633

"My characters hope for better lives."
-- Octavia Butler, writer    
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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Listening to the podcast now. You just got to the Tom Friedman part, and I'd like to ask, "How many people thought there should be a Trump/AOC ticket for Mr. Trump's re-election?"

Further posts if warranted.

Best to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear about our Great Nations priorities:

Biden: “I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.”

CDC Guidelines Review

dinthebeast said...

Perhaps Fergus has gone out on a limb and supported vaccination because he is less than comfortable with his people talking about pee in public?
One reason I had for never quite trusting Ed Snowden's judgement was that he chose Glenn Greenwald as a recipient of his information.
Merrick Garland is sometimes maddeningly slow in the way he presents his activity towards the insurrection, but given that sedition is historically very difficult to obtain and sustain convictions on, and the state of the federal judiciary after Fergus and McConnell have had their way with them, I'm totally going to defer to his judgement.
In fact, considering his prosecution history, he just might be the only one on the planet with a real chance to convict some of these motherfuckers.
The redistricting commission has changed up the makeup of our districts out here in Calitucky, and I'm not even sure who is running. I've been talking up Dr, Kermit Jones, but the last email I got from him said he was running in CA-03, and that ain't us, as far as I can tell.
Trae Crowder had a wonderful take on Kyrsten Sinema and her ambitions.
When the "moderates" start howling about Biden's need to "come to the center" I usually figure he's done something right, or they wouldn't be so vexed by it. Yes, moderates, making you uncomfortable is a fairly accurate measure of the quality of most policy positions.
Thank you again for the podcast. Warehouse kitties can be light colored. We had a light grey one in the warehouse at Tumbleweed (who did her job amazingly well: after the original owners took her with them when they retired, we got a horrific rat infestation that I still have some PTSD over). Junkyard kitties, such as Squeaker, who was IKotW here a while back, sort of need to be black.
Zsuzs bought me some shoe-spikes for Christmas, and I've been out hobbling around in the snow a bit lately.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

You tripped right over it when you said,

The Books, Sullivan's Et AL are the wealthy voices. Of course/

And our Supreme Court lied to us in their Citizens United ruling that money is rich people's language they speak.

When it is the people they hired that do the Yodeling.

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess wit...