Tuesday, December 07, 2021

You're Welcome America

In his press release, Mr. Dowd claimed that his exit from the race was because he did "...not want to be the one who stands in the way of the greater diversity we need in politics" and that it came from "a place of integrity"

You, gentle reader, are of course free to take Mr. Dowd at his word. 

 As for me, in all my years on the Matthew Dowd beat Mr. Dowd has never given me any reason to take his word about anything.  Questions from internet pests (me) about why he destroyed his entire Twitter archived were never going to go away, and I suspect but cannot prove that his internal poll numbers showed that his candidacy was doomed and that he chose to leave via the front door under his own steam before voters had a chance to chuck him out the window.   

So you're welcome.

I further suspect that the resources his campaign amassed will be rolled into whatever political tommyrot he'll unveil with great fanfare on MSNBC at some point in the near future.

Burn The Lifeboats


Robt said...

Guess the last Koch brother really didn't get excited over the Dowd.

Now that he has free time h can run in the Georgia primary against Perdue and Kemp for the GOP gabber primary.

How Dowd might handle a three way GOP primary and somehow stay committed to both sides philosophy would be interesting to watch..

mrmoshpotato said...

Awww so sad! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Kelly in Texas said...

I did hear about that on the radio today. Living here in Texas (D/FW area) I can honestly say I never once heard or saw a single thing locally about his run. No signs or ads or mention on the TV news.
Only reason I knew of it was due to online national sites to include this one.
For what it's worth.

XtopherSD said...

Thank you my man (and Blue Gal)! Indeed, it was fun to see various and sundry people pepper his Twitter feed with just the sort of questions and comments we've gleaned from here.

SteveSteve said...

Exactly. His poll number were probably embarrassingly bad. These clowns actually think they have a constituency outside of MSNBC.

ChiefD said...

I'm surprised and a little disappointed you passed up a chance to take a shot at Dowd. Because it's not just "his candidacy was doomed", it would have been much more in line with what I've come to expect from you if it had been "his candidacy was D-O-O-O-M-E-D".
So, since you passed it up, I felt obliged to provide this shot-taking on your behalf.

dinthebeast said...

I had my reservations about him calling himself a Democrat anyway.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Dowd thinking over the Lt. Governor's position . reconsidered because Their are too many majors to contend with.

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