Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Meanwhile, Deep Inside The Beltway Media's Build-a-Pol Laboratory...

Work continues around the clock tying to assemble a lifelike Chris Christie teevee puppet out reanimated bits stripped from the corpse of his political career.  

Burn The Lifeboats


Robt said...

The press always said that it covers republican mostly because they were in majority.

We see that doesn't change when Democrats are in majority.

Why does that big biased liberal media put so much into reconstructing the GOP?

GOP majorities can stuff the courts patricianly. Pass tax cuts without paying for them in a time of the greatest national debt (the GOP tells us).

And here we are with Democratic majority and a slim one at that. All of a sudden democrats (with insistance of Joe Manchin) who did not recieve any of that bi partisan love when GOP controlled. Now demands things be bi partisan.

Compromise with those who never compromised when they held power. Will not compromise when and if the regain that power.
To the tune that President Biden signing his infrastructure bill into law. Announces thanks to McConnell. Not to every democratic senator. When the GOP campaing on Biden/ Democratic infrastructure and take credit. Even if they did not vote for it. They will get away with it and the press, well they will acceppt and report the GOP's accomplishments.

In the mean time, so many other issues like a stacked SCOTUS. No voting legislation to stop the GOP's theft of the next election. An election the press (liberal media) already touts the GOP to win. Oh, because of gerrymandering and vote suppressions. But they keep telling us, presidents always lose the congress. So it is a done deal in the belt way.
At least that is how I call it for the belt way midriff media.
But the polling ..... Not the voting rights.

bowtiejack said...


SteveSteve said...

Jeez, I heard Christie was all over MSNBC today. The proles are excited that Nicolle Wallace asked him "tough questions"! How about Nicolle Wallace walking off her show asking why they are wasting valuable air time on a guy that has no constituency. Oh, that's right. He's somebody's buddy!

M. Bouffant said...

Jesus Gawd, just heard his fat mouf spewing crap on the telly. Truly despicable.

Mr XD said...

Nice image but-Needs Moar FLAB~

Robt said...

I saw that Nicole interview with Christie. She was so polite. Allowed him his outs like, "well write your own book if you disagree".
She replied well by telling him she isn't the one trying to rebrand and reboot the GOP.

What I found to be a coffee spitting out moment was when Nicole confronted Christie for not addressing FOX in his big awesome take down of media being biased.

Please sir, may I have another.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Someday, if he wishes really, really hard, Chris Christie will become a real boy.

Robt said...

If the question was to deport Chris Christie for a crime.

Where do you deport him to?

I would have no serious problem with deporting the insurrectionists to Somalia.
Where they can live out their fantasies of becoming a pirate of the sea.

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