Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What Passes For Breakthrough Thinking on the Woke Right

 JV Last of The Bulwark:

One of the theories I’ve floated here over the last couple years is the idea that the GOP is no longer a traditional political party—an institution with diffuse power centers and clear policy goals—but rather an authoritarian personality cult.

It's always he "last couple of years" isn't it.  Always.  Which conveniently absolves the writer from looking back past "last couple of years" to a time when these newly minted former-Republicans were enabling or turning a winking. blind-eye to everything that now terrifies them.  Back to the days when the crackpot alarmist Liberals were warning them they were playing with fire.  

It's always the "last couple of years".

Or these "last few years".  

Or "since 2015/16".   

Or "in the/this current Republican party"

Hey, lookie what's just a few sentence down from that last quote.

JV Last:

In the current Republican party, all of the normative behaviors...


Burn The Lifeboats

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Robt said...

Break through thinking defined by todays GOP.

The self proclaimed smartest republican in history, who knows all the best smartest people. Selects Mike Pence as his Vice president.

In another critical moment of his term (like so many other critical moments). Pence put under pressure by Trump,
"If you do not abuse your authority and stop the certification of electoral. I will not be your friend".
At stake, to the world is the harm to a start of a beautiful relationship.

Under this nuclear threat to all mankind. Pence calls Dan Quayle for advice if he can do something f to appease the mighty Trump because he has national concerns over being ha friend to Trump.

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