Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Welcome to The Glamorous World of Conserative Talk Radio Hosting

Step 1:  Notify your next of kin.

Burn The Lifeboats


Robt said...

As we learned from "Galaxy Quest".

You never want to be a low level crew member and beam down to a planet on the Away Team.

MQ_old_school said...

First rule of Driftglass, never speak about Galaxy Quest!

Tom Shefchik said...

Hello my dear driftglass. I've loved your writing for years. I've concurred 99.23 percent of the time. There was that one time I disagreed with you.

Off topic, I just want to warn you that I just saw Stuart "Stu" Stevens on Chris Heyes hawking his apologia, *IT WAS ALL A LIE (sic) - How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.*

I trust you will join me in a hearty heartfelt ha ha ha ha, laugh or cry. Is there a term for someone who is worse than just a Johnny come lately?

I wanted to warn you. I worry about your blood pressure and I know you despise hypocritical liars.

Some republicans have no honor or shame. How can a person have one without the other? As Cicero said, how can any *man* live without honor?

Ask Lindsey Graham.

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