Friday, July 30, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #609

"If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared."  -- Niccolo Machiavelli

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dinthebeast said...

Helicopter for sale? What does the bidding start at? I know a guy with an '01 Toyota Tacoma with a rack that might be up for a trade...
I feel you on the Republican congressman front. Our awful, awful Republican congressman Tom the fuck McClintock voted against funding the rescue of the Afghan interpreters.
Two of my friends haven't gotten the vaccine and so far won't get it.
And really, there's no goddamn excuse at this point, as way out here in the goddamn boonies you can walk into the grocery store and get the one-and-done J&J shot in ten minutes while you shop, for free.
Most of my Republican neighbors have been vaccinated, though, as alluded to at the "community meeting" (read that party) I attended last week. As the musicians took up their instruments, the harmonica player (who absolutely slayed) said "We didn't get to do this last year, so some of us haven't played for eighteen months."
But there we all were, outdoors on Terry's big deck with a raised stage area, eating barbecue and drinking beer and wine.
But now the delta variant has gummed up the works, pretty much like we figured it would. Perhaps those who disdain the idea of evolution have a harder time grasping the mutation process, but the rest of us don't. Another thing to not be surprised by.
Thank you again for the podcast. The Bible Bitch segment was excellent.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

First I want to five some feedback.

I enjoy your presenting the around the news segment of the show.

I Being one of those less religious folks you apologize sort of to over a Bible Bitch alert. for me it is not necessary to kid gloves me over speaking of any of your faith. Perhaps if it was not grounded in the spirit of good that people wrote of that time in history and the progression of belief Jesus spoke of.
As a present agnostic leaning atheist ( admitted) I do not condemn others of their beliefs. It is the estranged American evangelical Taliban who demands their version of Sharia law br written into law for all to obey (except themselves), Who use religion to tell people wat they "Know" what God says and wants them to do either through not reading the Bible or making up their own interpretation of the Bible.
Let me put it this way,
REcently in a Senate confirmation committee hearing, REepublican Senator Kennedy was botherered with the Nominee and was seeking to disparage the nominnee's personal beliefs in his past. Specifically over his acceptance of Abortion.
Sen. Kennedy,
:Do you even believe in God"
As if you can either accept abortion which makes you a satanic worshipper or you can believe in God and that automatically makes you anti Abortion.

From my Agnostic/atheist leaning position ( with much knowledge of religions and their tenets. Well read of the Bible. I am in acceptance of Abortion even as a male who will never be faced with that decision). If you personals faith says no, don't have one/ Why it is not for an individual. Feel free to say so. But their freedom stops where yours begins.
I would like to answer Sen Kennedy's question .

"Do you believe in God at all because you have a past of accepting Abortions'"?
Response to Sen Kennedy.
* I do not think abortions are good. I do think there are times abortions can be the lesser evil.
Sen Kennedy you invoke if I believe in God as if that is some requirement to hold office and that is not true.
let me answer your question with a question that you can answer for yourself.
Israel has universal health care for all their citizens. It pays for Abortions. They are of the Jewish faith. Can they be Jewish and have socialized medicine for all that pays for Abortions? Still be faithful to Judaism.
You "believe" very strongly as a politician in the Israel nation of Jewish people. So much so you in fact, voted in the senate to approve $138 billion of American tax dollars to give away to Israel in the form of military aid.
That military aid of $138 billion is money Israel will not have to budget away from their domestic spending as their universal socialized health care. That provides for abortions.
Do you , does Israeli's believe in God since Israelis provide abortions and the obey in military aid you gave Israel indirectly funds their universal socialized health care that provides for abortions. Socialized medicine you deny Americans.
So I ask, Do you and Israelis believe in God? When you support Abortions?

Thanks for the space to rant.

Sen. Kennedy. Where in the Amy Comey Barret SCOTUS Justice Bible does it state that allowing a political party to suppress voters, to Gerrymander rig, to deny water in a voting line, to use state political power to authorize same political power of the state to overturn the will of the people in an election when they lose and do not like it?
Does Justice Barret and the other republican justices believe in God?
I use Republican judges because they are not conservative jades and their is a difference I am told.

portlandmaxtrains said...

Just a thought on how the mainstream media always says 'both sides' are always equal and opposite, always and without exception.

It made me think if divorce lawyers tried to claim that.

Do both sides share some blame sometimes? Sure.

Are there times when the worst offender is obvious? Sure.

But the mainstream media will never say that say anything but the first option.

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