Thursday, June 03, 2021

Times Change

"[David Brooks] strikes me as the kind of person who even in his spare time would pay a Leona Helmsley lookalike a thousand dollars to take a shit on his back." 

-- Matt Taibbi, April 2010


"Matt Taibbi strikes me as the kind of person who even in his spare time would pay a David Brooks lookalike a thousand dollars to take a shit in front of him while reading Glenn Greenwald Tweets aloud." 

-- driftglass, June, 2021

This is right up there with Charlie Sykes blaming the Liberals for making the GOP racist.

Clearly people like me are to blame for driving Glenn Greenwald into the arms of Tucker Carlson and driving Matt Taibbi mad.

So, y'know, sorry about all that.

No Half Measures


Robt said...

But has Herr Trump approved and accepted him?

matt hasn't made the Mar A Lago run to lick the ring and the ass of the orange Supremacist.

matt sees the money and some of those great moments in important right wig meetings deciding to go with the Birther investigation or the Putin puppet one.

Bubba_Deets said...

I see your Taibbi and raise you one Assange.

Ian said...

Try harder.

Robt said...

I think Mike Pence's recent Threat promise/ prophecy that he is proud of the Mallon people dead of failed Pandemic response, raising the National debt an extra $2 trillion in a time of det. making Russia great instead of America, collapsing the economy, raising unemployment into the stratospheres, starting and losing a trade war with China, unleashing white supremacists, accomplishing what no other president has by extorting Ukraine from the white house to falsely accuse his political opponent.
Pence is proud and will let no Democrat smear Trump (and Pence's) accomplishments for one day. The day of insurrection.

So fine , there are many other days in those four painful years of deceit to point o.

Pence making promises he is uncapable of keeping, again.

Burr Deming said...

I would say Matt Taibbi has a point in his look-what-you-made-me-do post.

For many years, people kept calling me "bald" and "old".

Now look what happened!!

Jason said...

I really didn't want to turn on Taibbi. Glenn Greenwald can eat donkey dick but Taibbi...I just want to believe it's a phase but it's been going on a little long. It's a pisser.

Anonymous said...

I used to be big fans of Greenwald, Taibbi and other so called liberal pundits till the day they claimed Russiagate was a hoax. These folks revealed that they were either stuck on stupid, not genuine liberals, not credible journalist or outright undercover conservative propagandists. Not matter what they are they are absolutely not folks telling truth to power any longer, IMO.

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