Friday, June 11, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #602

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”
-- Zen saying

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dinthebeast said...

Louie Gohmert is such a moron that when he yawped about "BLM" everyone just assumed that he meant Black Lives Matter and not the Bureau of Land Management, because, you know, hating on the Bureau of Land Management is Republican orthodoxy from more than 27 seconds ago...
I read a comment this week that stuck with me, even though I can't remember where I read it. It said that trying to make sense of Republican bullshit is misguided because it isn't what you're trying to make it be, coherent, intelligible thought. Instead, Republicans tell stories, and whether or not they have any relationship with observable reality is irrelevant. What matters is whether they resonate with the target audience. Whatever parts of the story that are found to resonate with the target audience are then amplified and recycled into more stories, creating a sort of warped evolution of crazy that isn't constrained by its insanity or offensiveness.
Fergus used to do that kind of thing at his rallies, and those rallies have become sacred text to Republicans running for office now, even though they despise them and find them a huge pain in the ass.
Merrick Garland needs to get his shit together really soon. The DOJ was so fully perverted by Fergus and his felons that it is barely functional, and without a functional DOJ, US law is useless.
Thank you for the podcast. but I have to correct one small thing: Otto was the Canada goose, the IKotW is Otis. I just visited Otto, though. and he and his girlfriend have raised six goslings that are big enough to fly...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Louie the Gohmert is not from another planet and he is not enough to break the media away from the ogling and drooling over Putin's orange golfing puppet.

The Gohmert is From Texas that truly could compete with some science fictional planet that evolved and came out of a space creatures pile of crap.

As here on planet Earth where the Dung Beetle evolves around.

The origin of republicans evolving as other life forms did from the oceans to the land is unclear.
I just figure to those on the right. your MAGA QANON species I predict are doomed for the inability to evolve. To learn from mistakes. To cannibalize all around them.
Where did the Aztecs go? When they leaned to the right and believed in sacrifices.. It is hypothesized that when the got down to the the last man standing at the sacrificial alter. Suicide took the last sacrifice -ee..

And then there were none.......

Just know. As a malcontent, I would like much more movement and accomplishment and extreme vetting government house cloning.
At the same time, I am grateful for the cease and desist that has come with Biden and a Dem senate majority. Even with the Manchin misdirection mania..

Although the McConnell's and the GOhmerts are still there and louder than before. If they were in majority control and quieter. It would be so much worse.
The malcontent in me yearns for more than just temporarily stopping the decadence from the right that Putin promotes and condemns the USA of.

I have two GOP senators and my house rep is GOP. They do not have town halls. They do make announcements through he paper and other means that tell us what they did, how they vote. They never listen to what the voters say.
Even my dog finds it intensely irritating to the ears when people in the media talk to viewers about contacting the politicians and "Going to the town halls". That do not take place.

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