Friday, June 11, 2021

Mangalores Won't Fight Without The Leader

Whether it was the  COVID Relief bill or Infrastructure legislation or the creation of a bipartisan Insurrection panel or the protection of the integrity of our free and fair elections, since the beginning of the Biden administration -- hell, since the beginning of the Obama administration -- the GOP has made it 100% clear that they have no intention of ever negotiating in good faith on anything.

From the Washington Post:

So we have Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) firmly proclaiming on Tuesday that “the era of bipartisanship is over.”...

As soon as McConnell made those comments, you could hear eyes rolling from the offices of Democratic senators. In part because of Biden’s repeated declarations that he wanted legislation to be bipartisan, McConnell has made few overtures to actually meet the Democratic mini-majority on legislation. In fact, he said last month that “100 percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration,” which isn’t particularly “bipartisan” as an outcome.

If that comment sounds familiar, it’s because McConnell said something similar shortly before the 2010 midterms: that the “single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

And why should Republicans bother to even go through the motions anymore, when they can rely on a complicit media who will always tell the public that Republican sedition and sabotage is somehow the fault of Both Sides ("Why won't Obama lead?!")  and on the cravenness of mopes like Joe Manchin to grease the skids of their "gleefully burn it all down while blaming the fire department" master plan?

Well, if The Fifth Element has taught us anything, it's that when one method of negotiating has clearly failed -- 

-- the savvy negotiator moves on to try something more ... situationally appropriate.

Burn The Lifeboats


Mr XD said...

Back in a previous century, during a period known as "the draft", I served my country in the US Army. In basic training we learned a bit about last resort improvisation - behavior such as this was called "taking direct action".

Neo Tuxedo said...

"'If I may, your Grace,' Bevier interposed. Bevier, Sparhawk noted, was holding his Lochaber ax loosely in his right hand. 'The captain and I have met before. Perhaps I can reason with him.' The young Cyrinic Knight moved his horse forward. 'Though our relations have never been cordial, Captain,' he said, 'I beseech you not to so risk your soul by defying our Holy Mother, the Church. With this in mind, will you freely stand aside as the Church has commanded you to do?'
"'I will not, Sir Knight."
"Bevier sighed regretfully. Then, with an almost negligent swing of his dreadful ax, he sent the captain's head flying. Bevier, Sparhawk had noted, did that on occasion. Just as soon as he was certain that he was on firm theological ground, the young Arcian habitually took sometimes shockingly direct action. Even now, his face was serene and untroubled as he watched the captain's headless body standing stock still for several seconds, and then he sighed as the body collapsed."
-- David (and Leigh) Eddings, The Sapphire Rose

Robt said...

Someone is going to give me a history lesson to show when GOP bipartisanship has ever existed?

Voting to fund the military during a Democratic president's term is not bipartisan.

The jan. 6 commission to investigate and report on it is a bipartisan issue and who is not bipartisan.
That is an abuse of the filibuster for partisan agenda.

It was bipartisan in 2017 when Congress voted veto proof majority to impose sanctions on Russia for its imposing into America's election.

Only to se the GOP sit on their hands partisan while their GOP president refused to implement those sanctions until.
Until the partisan GOP took a partisan vote to repeal those sanctions without a veto proof majority.
A filibuster proof vote repealed with a simple partisan bare majority of pure partisanship for the president to suck up to Putin because it is what he wanted and nothing to do with America.

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