Saturday, May 29, 2021

Final Twitter Update: I Am Cancel Culture

So after five months and +20 unanswered appeals, the Twitter Ministry of Truth has handed down its final ruling on my case.  I am, indeed, banned from Twitter completely and forever, and will be permitted no further appeals.

Did I incite a bloody insurrection against the United States government?


Did I threaten anyone or wish them physical harm in any way?

Of course not.

I am told  by the Twitter Ministry of Truth that I have been evicted from Twitter and told never to return for responding to this, which was directed at me...

With this, which is objectively true...

It seems painfully obvious that Twitter has seen fit banned me for life for some other reason, which almost certainly involves repeatedly making any number of Blue Check Conservatives look stupid in public.  Because while my remarks to "ah_notty" might have been little spicy, they are nothing compared to what you can see flying back and forth on Twitter all day, every day, with no scoldings or groundings or exiles from @Jack.  Stuff like this --

-- which wasn't even worth a 12-hour-bit-in-Twitter-minimum-security-jail.  

And after 11 years on Twitter, accumulating over 10K followers and finding myself being regularly retweeted by some social media powerhouses as well as you wonderful folks, somebody or somebodies clearly got tired of me running my mouth and making them look stupid in public, so they solved the problem by eliminated me from Twitter.

I am cancel culture.

Ah well, too late for regrets now.  I'll still be on Blogger, writing every day until they kick me off of here too, and there are several kind souls (and at least one disreputable Twitter outcast now traveling under an assumed name) who regularly posts my writing to Twitter, so many thanks for that and for all the follows and follies over the years.   

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Nick Jr. said...

Its a raw deal man that's for sure. But you need to look on the bright side, you will no longer need to spend part of each day arguing with right-wing zombies who are immune to facts and evidence. Doing literally anything else would be preferable.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the difference in treatment is a result of your opponents working the judges, filing complaints, while you, a hearty liberal, didn't complain simply because you figure having a tough hide is part of being an adult. As with most organizations enforcement of standards is reactive in that they primarily respond to complaints instead of patrolling the borders. Which is great for sociopaths, whiners and tattle-tales. Who quickly learn how to use the system to silence critics.

Welcome to the new US. Where sociopathy, whiny over-sensitivity and exploitation of corporate laziness are advantages.

Anonymous said...

The thing you can't seem to grok that's different about your twitter posting style than the jerks you kept company with is that you direct direct personal attacks to lists of others. The tweet that got you banned was completely unnecessary to your rhetoric, was in the form of the raving of an 8 year old, aaaand, targeted a list a specific short list of others by their handles for no reason than to denigrate them... And it's this last one that's the line.

I don't happen to agree that the breech was terms for black-balling, and there is no question that it's tiny-peas-not-even-small-potatoes in the fabric of abuse which is our right wing political culture, but its an abuse that relied upon direct manipulation of twitter's controls to directly harass other users of the platform which is a matter over which Twitter can exercise some restraints. And we can imagine some other scenarios in which we would appreciate precisely these regulations.

And they prolly agreed to gang up on you and report you as abusive.

If you had not called them out with @s you would prolly still be there.

But it's a thump that deserves more reflection, because the tweets that caused the ban were childish raving, which is no big deal of itself but is worth some accounting by someone such as yourself pushing keys on a cosmic calculator of political karma.

You could have learned this lesson 30 years ago but better late than never.

I'll find your trenchant analysis even more compelling when you transcend the political scolding and start connecting the critiques to a systemic view of the msm. In this sense, your Pretty Hate Machine is editorial gold

Good luck!

rapier said...

It's for the best really even considering any hopefully minor monetary rewards Twitter brought. Easy for me to say I know. As a general thing political/social comment Twitter can turn into a sort of doom loop of endlessly repeating emotional responses which become an addiction. Much better to concentrate on the things you love and have control over.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.
Curious: what happens if one of your Twitter allies makes it a point to start reporting all those whose wrongs Twitter ignores, starting with Wendy Long?
Best to you and your loved ones.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I'll find your trenchant analysis even more compelling when you transcend the political scolding and start connecting the critiques to a systemic view of the msm.

If you think DG hasn't been "connecting the critiques to a systemic view of the msm" for quite a few whiles, you either just got here or have a very different view than I (and, it seems to me, than our host) of what such a systemic view would show.

Lawrence said...

Who needs those twunts anyway?

Also: Biden Won so Stop the Squeal!

Cinesias said...

I mean, just make a new account named whatever you want. What are they going to do, ban you?

ervin said...

It's tough being a teller of truth D.Glass.Ask the warmongers daughter, although in her case she'll straddle the fence until she has to get off. If the fascists win she'll fall in line like a good little Quisling,meanwhile KEEP ON TRUCKING. Love to you and yours

dervy scram said...

lol so you are too stoopidt to fool the algorithm. not good for a supposed wordsmith

driftglass said...

I appreciate the "it's for the best b/c Twitter is a sewer" sentiments. However, having worked at this for +16 years now, I can tell you that for any Liberal blogger/podcaster who is not part of the largely coastal Liberal (formal and informal) networks, has no seat on Liberal radio (or any other media platform) and no byline in any print publications...self-promotion is the ONLY promotion available. And Twitter, for all it's many flaws, moves traffic, which is why every major news outlet, product, service, media personality, non-profit, church and government institution, etc. has a Twitter account.

My being on Twitter drew more than half (and often substantially more than half) of my traffic to this website. That's gone now.

John said...

Twitter is not the path to enlightenment. Rather, it is full of demons who will suck you down into hell. It's like karma on overdrive.

Consider yourself lucky.

You probably don't, but I hope you eventually do.

Try macramé or découpage. Maybe working in a soup kitchen. I dunno. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, and twitter and facebook are his machine tools.

And fuck the people who run twitter and facebook. They're horrible. And they are profiting from the demise of our republic.