Monday, May 17, 2021

Coming Soon To Fox

No Half Measures

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Robt said...

I would like to call on all Trump GQP patriots.

You showed up to the capital on Jan 6 to peacefully support you president through insurrection and did it so proudly. For those of you not arrested yet, there is still time.

Show up at the FOX headquarters in NY. It will be a blast. Bring the hangman's stage and peacefully go into the FOX building and find those leftists pretending to be Fascists. Seek out those Rupert Murdoch vaccinated and tell them to do the right thing.
Trump will be there with you.
And find out why Tucker did not support the pedophile Matt Gaetz on his show. Why did Tucker deny his dinner with Matt and his underage girl? Why Did Tucker make the point that his interview with Matt was one of the weirdest interviews in his life?
Why is Tucker not on defense topic and same messaging as Mat the Trump republics?

Is it because Matt is such a proud patriot standing with Trump (when and where that may be at any moment?).
Let FOX know if they are going to be off message, they will get the Liz Cheney treatment and the Tabloid Newsman or OANN will replace them.

All for Trump and Trump for Trump.
Oh. And send money.

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