Friday, April 09, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #593

"Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?"
-- Ernest Hemingway, writer, Hills Like White Elephants

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Robt said...

It is like a Halloween but for cats.

Robt said...

Only corporations that align with Moscow Bitch's power agenda are people.

Koch Industries, Sheldon's casino business and someone's Pillow guy are still Okay.

The made religion political dived. They made business a political divide. They made sports a political divide. Of Course the Health care industry is dived just not as much as they would like. Zoos and zoo animals are now divided. Farmers are expected to be partisan.

The difference between a head of lettuce grown on a liberal farm and a right wing farm seems to be the Right wing farmer listens to Rush reruns while plowing.

Like judges,
If judges are authority of the written law they enforce in their court rooms.
That laws have been on the books forever and written pretty clear and with enough intent to get anyone through vague areas of the law so they do not have to be one man in a robe dictating what he "believes".
That legislatures authorize the laws judges abide.
What is a GOP judge vs a lib Judge.
If a judge can be confirmed with a thin majority of 51 senators to a seat for life. 51 senatrs that have the lowest populations in their states and still get two senators.
How does it represent Americans when they do this.?
Why can't it merely take a 51 senate majority to remove any SCOTUS justice , or any justice for that matter. For reasons or no reasons.

If they can be confirmed with the bare majority they should be able to be removed with a bare majority vote.

I say all this because, The mind wanders.......

dinthebeast said...

In "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat", Oliver Sacks described Korsakoff's Syndrome as an inability to form new short term memories, and as an existential horror, so it's almost enough to make one feel sympathy for the reprogrammable meatbags, but not quite.
Female Black Democrats are kind of on a roll, witness Tishaura Jones win in the St. Louis mayoral election and the majority of alderman (aldermen?) she has to enact her agenda.
I read a lot of Missouri based political writers, and they are pretty damn excited about that, given how horrible politics are in Missouri just now.
I got a picture of the neighbor's grey cat, but I'm gonna ask them whether they feel fame would go to his cute little head before I send it to you. Also, I don't know his name or story, so I'll have to get filled in on those first.
Thank you again for the podcast. Most of the snow has melted and it's looking like we're back to drought conditions for the foreseeable future, so wish us luck with the wildfires this year; last year's Creek Fire was the largest single wildfire (not a complex of fires) in California history, and was four ridges due East of here.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Denny said...

Good to have you back--you sound great. Stay safe.

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