Thursday, February 04, 2021

Meanwhile, at Mar-a-Castrato*

Via Business Insider:

Trump is so frustrated by his Twitter ban that's he's writing out insults and asking aides to tweet them, report says

*Judges would've also accepted "The Degenerate in His Labyrinth" had your humble scrivener not already used it just a few months ago.

No Half Measures


Robt said...

I am still truing to get the word out to all of Trump's (republican's) to notify them of the big 2 week long bash to be held at Mar A Lago.

Free rooms, free golfing, drinks, food, under age girls (and for you special GOPers, underage proud boys.

Come one come all it will be the right wings equivalent of Woodstock.

Meremark said...

Promotions at 5:pm ET daily, click here

Jimmy T said...

You had me at "Mar-a-Castrato"

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