Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Long Happy Career of The Never Trumper

First, while ignoring both the increasingly dire warnings from the Left and the bloody lessons of history, spend decades building a Republican monster machine with no "Off" switch.

Second, once the monsters overrun your ability to control them and begin rampaging across the country, stand in the street weeping and raging and demanded to know how such a thing could happen.  Why didn't anyone warn you?

Third, have your very good friends in the media reward you for bravely speaking out against the inexplicable deluge of Republican monsters that are rampaging across the country (and which no one but you saw coming) with op-ed gigs in major newspaper and magazines, contributor contracts on cable teevee and book deals.

The end.  

No Half Measures


Robt said...

As the movie " Children of the Corn" the right wing guidance councilors ( displayed above)

Find out their is no Koch or Murdoch sanctuary for them. There is no counseling or guidance to keep them from wandering astray into the dark burning fires of the leftist arena for a pay check.
As Newt Gingrich responded to his third wife Calista When she raised the fact that Newt does not abide, follow or obey any of the Newt espousals of righteousness at al. That he preaches.
newt replied, It has nothing to do with me and what I do and believe in. It is about what I tell those vulnerable enough to hear me and follow what I say.

Star student of Liberty U. class of instruction. Suckers and Losers. Why God gave humans a mouth and some a penis. Which the Newt gave Calista the summery crash course.

Just know, JOey, Charly, Bloody Bill or Ricky had their spouses confirmed to Ambassador to the Vatican. Calista and Newt have been bailing water in their leaking (ambassador to the Vatican) life boat and must bail all the way to Jan. When they will in need of at least a floatation devise if they cannot readh land.

Robt said...

Never Trump,eh?

Trump is irresponsible and dangerous. But! they agree with all his policies"""""?

They support every Senate Republican who have protected and enabled Trup's unlawful activities, self dealings, right down to his crime (they admit he committed) of extorting Ukraine to falsely accuse a fellow American of false crimes at his political opponent.
Sure Trump committed the crime but we are not going to remove him because he provides the senate powers to corruptly use. As the moral party of law and order, We excuse these crimes for the republican party's well being. Not yours.
Besides, Bill Clinton had consensual agreed sex with an adult intern out of wed lock and his wife refused to divorce him against Newt Gingrich's religious council.
Even though Joe nor his son consented.
Abracadabra,,, Both sides do it.

Need a new category called, Both sides don't.
A few nominations to the list are,
- Only one Grim Reaper.
- only one party obstruct a SCOTUS nominee for 14 months.
- Only one political party purposely causes 11 (fucking hour) polling place lines to cast votes in only certain areas.
- There is no equivalent on the other side for Louie Gohmert.

If GOP candidates can run campaign ads with trigger words of 40 years propadandizing can say, " if such and such Democrat is elected. That Democrat will be just another Pelosi demon dog pet"
There must be the needed attention to that campaign ad.
But if, the republican who ran that ad is elected. How is it he will not be Kevin McCarthy's butt French kisser?
I mean both sides , you know?