Thursday, November 12, 2020

David Brooks' Advice To Joe Biden: It's Better To Capitulate Than Never


In The New York Times, Mr. "It's Gonna Be Rubio!" is now Mr. "Listen To Mittens!":

Mitt Romney Has Some Thoughts on Our President-elect
Bipartisan efforts aren’t out of the question for Joe Biden, and are less risky than executive action.

But he sneaks up on it.

For example, at the outset it might seem to the casual reader that being punched in the head one million times by the hard-wired nihilism of his Republican Party may have finally beaten into Mr. David Brooks a rudimentary understanding of the actual problem our country faces:

Things don’t get much better in the unlikely event Democrats capture both of Georgia’s Senate seats to achieve a 50-50 tie, broken by the Democratic vice president. Republicans, freed from all responsibility, will go into full opposition mode and nothing will pass when 60 votes are needed to overcome a filibuster. Democrats will try to govern with a razor-thin majority controlled by several relatively conservative Democrats. So Democrats will have ownership of the government without the means to deliver.

And that being punched in the face one million times by the hard-wired nihilism of his Republican Party may have also given him some insight into the only path left open to Democrats to save the nation from the existential threat of the Let-It-All-Burn GOP:

One way was proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren in a Washington Post op-ed this week: Use executive orders. She suggested some obvious moves Biden absolutely should make on Day 1 — like re-entering the Paris climate accord — but also suggested some big and expensive unilateral policy changes: raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15, canceling billions of dollars in student debt.

But of course the seasoned reader knows that this is David Fucking Brooks we're talking about: a man who is, pound for pound, every bit as pathologically incapable of dealing with Reality as Donald Trump.  

And so Mr. Brooks once again lights his Sensible Centrist candle and once again leads his readers down and down and down into the hallucinogenic caverns of an entirely fictional Republican Party which exists only in Mr. Brooks desperate imagination.  

First Mr. Brooks issues Dire Warnings that any attempt to fix with executive orders all that Trump has wrecked with executive orders would lead to unspecified but terrible catastrophe!

With all due respect to Warren, opening the Biden era by stiff-arming Congress and ordering all sorts of big policy changes by presidential diktat could knock the legs out from the Biden presidency.

Second by pulling the lamest, standard-issue wingnut explanation of what "voters" do and do not want straight out of this ass, because Mr. Brooks is very, very lazy:

A better approach starts with the understanding that Biden’s policies remain popular. Democrats underperformed in congressional races because voters hate political correctness, “defund the police” and “socialism.”

And third, by passing along the advice of America's most famous Mormon invertebrate who, despite being the GOP's failed presidential candidate in 2012 has apparently never met an actual Republican in his entire life and apparently slept through the past 12 years of Republican depravity and sedition

“If the Senate refuses to tackle the major issues, then the president will and he’ll just issue executive orders,” Romney said. “Just saying ‘no’ doesn’t enhance our power. It’s a way to cede power.”

You just know that David Brooks' advice to his kids on how to deal with bullies was, "Give them whatever they want, as much as they want, whenever they want it and then suck up to them as hard as humanly possible."

UPDATE: Yastreblyansky has more here.

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mcfrank said...

OK then. Political correctness, defund the police, and socialism are issues that are that can be addressed by Executive Orders, but should be avoided by Biden?

I also noted that somehow "political correctness" avoided being surrounded by scare quotes.

Robt said...

Not to worry, REpublicans are defunding police and other local government services by not providing funding from the pandemic economic drop. They feel if they fund it, they would be admitting their negligence.
But they still have billions to give farmers for not getting off their lazy asses, step away from their Farmers .COM dating and finding a new market other than China to sell their goods. There is funding for Wall Street.

I think it is time to "Truckle UP" Pee up a rope.
Give working Americans billions and make wealthy corporate get off their lazy asses and market to us for the money. Hey, They tried Trump why not this?

Robt said...

" Bipartisan efforts aren’t out of the question for Joe Biden, and are less risky than executive action."

It is always less stressful and less dangerous for Democrats to do what republican want when Democrats gain political power in government. Democrats elect Democrats to work with republicans to do what they want? While Republicans are elected to obstruct, block, and deny anything Democrats try to move?
Brooks need s to spend more time on felings of Democrats more than the feelings on the White House staffers being threatened if they speak the name , "Biden" or if they are found to be shopping their resumes around knowing Jan 20 nears.

Those poor white house QANON fascists are facing their greatest life's hurdle of Trump not being capable of becoming dictator for life and his children inheriting the presidency.

Perhaps Brooks could weigh in on the idea of Trump pardoning himself for past and any future offenses. Or does he have to have Pence do it?
How the president could not be indicted because he was too busy golfing for America can now remain above the law by pardoning himself
Perhaps Brooks can enlighten us al with his dazzling insight why a president who never broke the law, had to be shielded by his GOP senate loyalists from actually answering questions and being accountable from impeachment charges. In one manner of denying witnesses in the impeachment trial. that those same GOP senators who can deny witnesses in a trial are so very proud of all their confirmed judges and the exemplar legal standards they set in the impeachment trial for the judges they confirm.

I am convinced the NYT obliges Brooks with his column space is to give exposure to the need to not just provide mental illness care in our system for Right wingers as Brooks who dresses himself in centrist clothing. As he slips and wears his bright red ties and shows his inanity as he asks readers of his column to give more slack to NAZIS will do the right thing if you would simply trust them and hand Ann Frank over to them.

bowtiejack said...

Ignore Brooks! Whether by Executive Order or whatever works, we must immediately start erecting the socialist hellhole we have been promised by Trump and his minions ! Do away with God, guns and cash money ! Make everyone marry their sister or their dog ! Don't fail America, freedom!, or the 70 million COVID aspirants who voted for him!

Robt said...

I think the Trump extra long tie that drapes down into ones Crotch should be the single significant insignia of the republicans.
Put that Trump tie around McConnell's neck and let him trip on it as he walks y to the podium to Turtle talk.
Put that Trump tie on Jim Jordan so when he performs in front of the congressional camera in his dress countless image of a guy with his shirt sleeves rolled up as if he is actually performing labor that he sheds his coat and rolls up sleeves are required. Put that Trump tie around his neck so when he rants and flails his arms they get all tangled up in it.
For that matter, put that Trump red tie around Brooks; neck so it can get all caught up in his fingers when he types.

We can make Trump's Red Tie a new American fascist freedom Award. What Limgaugh should have been awarded instead of the Freedom award Trump gave him. A special award (the tie), so the White supremacist will not be so grievance that they have no special award for them. To undue their victimhood of not having a specific award for even the safer white victims like the White Nationalists.

Democrats should propose it and send it to McConnell's senate. Waiting for Biden to sign it into law. and the Proud Bous will have something to work to achieve and be truly proud boys.