Monday, October 19, 2020

John Cornyn is Now Our Ally So Everybody Needs To Shut Up About Him

Obviously not a strong ally, but still.

I mention this because I have been repeatedly reproached over the past five years by many of my Liberal fellow travelers with much bigger throw-weight than me for bringing up the long and repulsive pasts of various Republican thugs who are now our allies, because the only thing that counts anymore is the Now Time.  

What people did or did not do in the Before Time is above your pay-grade Mr. Grouchy.  All of that will be settled in the sweet bye and bye, so for now all that matters is Now, so shaddap and join the kick-line.

Well, I'm trying to be good, but obviously I'm very stupid so I'll need some of my betters to clarify the rules under which we are all supposed to operate. Because as I understand it, it doesn't matter if a Republican goon has spent their entire public life building the Republican monster machine that gave birth to Trump.  Once a former red-of-tooth-and-claw nemesis says something mean about Trump -- whether loudly and in public or weakly and sotto voce -- our New Rules require that people like me shut up about their bloody, checkered history and welcome them as bothers and sisters in arms.  Because whether you're a Libtard living out of a tip jar and who's been made a pariah for saying true thing about the Republican Party for decades, or you're a Republican mercenary running a multimillion dollar political marketing corporation that sprang into existence barely a year ago, we're all in this together, right!

Because this is nor about Left or Right, right?

The enemy of my enemy, right?

Just like the USA and USSR hooking up as allies-with-benefits for a short time to bring down the Third Reich, right?

So now that Ben Sasse has called Trump a poopy poop head in private, and John Cornyn has boldly opposed him ever so slightly from the shadows --

-- I guess I just don't understand what the fuss is all about.  

From Jennifer Rubin:
From Rick Wilson:

From Charlie Sykes in the New York Daily News:
The cowards' comeuppance: It’s too late for a radical reinvention of the Trump GOP

For better or worse, they are stuck with the die they cast long ago, to let themselves become Trumpian lickspittles. The bill for their Faustian bargain has come due.

Over the last four years, they ignored one chance after another to take an off-ramp from Trump. And while they might now boast about driving on his highway at 55 rather than 65, they’re driving on it nonetheless….

Frightened by the prospect of a presidential tweet, they ignored his crude xenophobia, his exploitation of racial divisions, his personal corruption, and his fascination with authoritarian thugs.

They could have said “stop” at any point. They could have raised their voices and used their votes to rebuff him. But they didn’t...

But...but...isn't saying critical-but-true things about Trump the all-access, olly olly oxen free of our politics now?  

Also, should Biden win in November, doesn't this all become moot anyway?  Because Beltway Iron Rule of Democrats who Succeed Republicans clearly states that that Inauguration Day automatically becomes the new Day Zero and that anything that happened before then will be officially off limits.  

After all, the mainstream media compact of "lets agree to not hold Republicans accountable for anything ever" that has been in effect at least since the Reagan Administration is literally the only reason that Republicans like Jennifer Rubin or Rick Wilson or Charlie Sykes are able to make a nice living pushing words together instead of being, say, driven out of decent society with pitchforks and torches years ago.

This is the one trait they all share:  the belief that the moment they left the GOP (or, let's be honest, the moment they were drummed out) just so happened to be the exact right moment to take French leave from the Party of Bigots and Imbeciles.  According to them, before they left the GOP it was a healthy, sane political party and we Liberals who said otherwise were crackpot alarmists.  And after they left the GOP was an unsalvageable shitpile of racists, lunatics, fascists and assorted grifters.  But exiting as they did in the one, perfect, golden moment in between the Party of Lincoln suddenly and inexplicably Freaky Fridaying into the Party of Jefferson Davis, somehow grants them special, permanent dispensation from ever being asked any inconvenient questions about events leading up to Now.  

Think of it as the political equivalent of the Letters of Transit in Casablanca: their alibis  cannot be rescinded, not even questioned:

And yet here they are, new immigrants barely off the "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth." lifeboat themselves, turning right around and telling the next boatload of GOP refugees to fuck right off!  Than they're not welcome here and their previous sins can never be erased and shall hang like a dead albatross around their necks forever.  

Kinda reminds me of Rosa Berezovskaya or Olga Dubova.

You say you don't know who they are?  Well, allow me to introduce you.  From The Salt Lake Tribune:
Rampell: Immigrants in America pull up the ladder after them

It's not just native-born Americans expressing nativist sentiments these days. Somehow, it's immigrants, too.

"I think that enough immigrants entered this country," Rosa Berezovskaya, an 86-year-old immigrant who came to the United States from Kiev in 2003, told the Forward in a story that ran last week.

"We also came here as immigrants in our own time. But we can't let in crooks, we can't let in untrustworthy people that will cause us problems," said 82-year-old Olga Dubova, who emigrated from Ukraine in 1995, in the same article.

"I like his honesty, that he's against Muslims, that he's against refugees," added Valentina Albert, herself a refugee from Moldova, referring to Donald Trump's immigration policies.

All three spoke to Forward reporters in Russian, if that matters...

Back in 2005, the late Steve Gilliard was delighted that the bigots and imbeciles of the Republican Party were feeling cocky enough in their complete control of their future to come out from their hiding places and fly their racist freak flags out and proud in public. Because catching the racist Right out so far on the wrong side of history might change things:

But as I wrote back in 2015, Gilly got it wrong. It changed nothing. Because by 2015 -- ten years later -- the Conservatives who were momentarily driven from their doctrinaire spider holes by Katrina had long since gone back the profitable business of pimping Conservative claptrap, blaming Both Sides and lying about American history.

Ten years later, if you asked the average Republican base voter what happened during Katrina, you would hear a lot about "buses", "Liberal", "government dependence" and more or less everything else that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh shat into their skulls ten years ago. As far as they're concerned, this is settled history, just as the assassination of Vince Foster, death panels and a "stand down" plot by the Obama Administration to murder American foreign service officers in Benghaaaaazi is settled history.

Ten years later, and Jonah Goldberg was still doing just fine, thank you very much, and Ann Coulter was still treated as an honored guest on Fox News, and a trusted adviser by the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Ten years later, "Heckuva Job, Brownie" was being give the full rehab treatment, and Dubya could visit New Orleans to give a speech and is not be driven from the stage by a tsunami of rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Ten years later, the MSNBC you used to know was all but dead, the Liberal blogosphere was a ghost of what it once was, and Steve Gilliard's words were crumbling quietly to digital dust in the untended grave of The News Blog.

Ten years later and, irony of ironies, it turned out to be that fighting every day just to remember our yesterdays as they really happened -- just to conserve the past against an implacable onslaught of revisionist propaganda -- was most important duty we dirty Liberals have.

No Half Measures


maliknant said...

If Democrats play the same game this time... if they decide that these White Supremacist, fascist, concentration camp enthusiasts need to be let off the hook for the sake of unity... your democratic experiment will be utterly destroyed. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon.

Unknown said...

...and for the rest of our lives.

RossK said...

Perhaps someone could ask Mess'rs Cornyn, Wilson and Sykes what their position was 'then' (i.e. pre-Nov 2016), is now, and forever will be on the rubber stamping/railroad appointing of Federalist Society-approved judges.

Tom239 said...

Jennifer Rubin wrote today, "The refusal to acknowledge racism is now as much a defining feature of Republican identity as is being pro-life or anti-government." Note the 'now', as if this had just happened.
(from her column "Republicans, your racism is showing" in the Washington Post, Oct 19, 2020)

Kelly in Texas said...

Mr. Glass, I come to you from the land of big hats, and small heads. I have endured Cornholyo for many years now. Not that I didn't vote to rid us and you of him, but others here seemed to like the job he's doing.
As to the day's news about Cornholyo here's what his opponent (Ms Hegar) is saying about some of his claims in an email from her;

Y'all --

Senator John Cornyn is running MISLEADING ADS about his health care record just 15 days ahead of the election. He's trying to say that he's supported protections for pre-existing conditions. Texans know better.

You deserve to know his real record on health care. Since he's been in office, Sen. Cornyn has:
• Voted 20 times to gut or repeal the Affordable Care Act which could put millions of Texans with preexisting conditions at risk
• Voted to force young Texans off their parents' insurance as soon as they're 18 -- leaving millions of students and young adults uninsured
• Voted in favor of the lawsuit to overturn the ACA during the middle of a pandemic
• Been called the "top salesman" of the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act
Sen. Cornyn thinks he can get away with deceiving us on his health care record, but we won't let him. Texas will hold him accountable, and you'll help us make it happen!

Lit3Bolt said...

I will always bow, sumimasen style, prostrate on the floor to you and Blue Gal's media savvy.

You pegged Greenwald long before anyone else.

You've basically predicted the media-holing and internet-forgetting that was bound to happen, as the titans of industry moved in and made Internet Forgetting into a machine.

Turns out, the Internet ALWAYS forgets. And memory is the forgotten liberal superpower.

And so, I think you're right about this. But we need to state it explicitly. The Lincoln Project isn't about getting conservatives to vote Democratic.

It's about getting liberals to vote Republican again.

They always had access to the internal polling. DT was an aberration, a mutant among political science and a Bonfire of the Ratfuckings in 2016. If the Democrats ran a white male candidate against Trump, much of his advantages would be negated at a stroke.

2018 confirmed it. The Blue Wave was real. And so instantly, the Rick Wilsons and Steve Schmidts and Max Boots and David Frums started the rehab project. Write the books. Book the spots. Buddy up to fellow travelling liberal moneymakers, such as Seth Abrahmson, Malcolm Nance, the Eric Garlands, the Will Saletans, the Naomi Kleins, the Sarah Krenzidors, who could all point to Trump and say in the most anodyne way, "Hey, electing this guy President is a bad idea." And inevitably, Trump would step on his dick and prove them right. It was the easiest, laziest bet in political history.

As soon as the election is over, Tracy, GG, Tabbai and the Buenings and Jacobin will work overtime to horseshoe the liberal majority away from liberal policies that could benefit all. "Drrooones" and "Not rocking the Constitutional boat" will become the vogue CW. The liberal voting wave will be chipped at by gun nutters such as Rick Wilson, and anti-"campus PC left" scolds like Rod Dreher and Tom Nichols. Biden will be kneecapped out of the gate by a media eagerly hunting for gaffes, no matter how small. The "Fact-Checking" apparatus will be turned in an Orwellian fashion against the entire Democratic Party.

This is not despair. This is RAGE. There is no relief past Trump. We need to stay angry that he was President for the rest of our lives. For the rest of this country's existence.

n1ck said...

This is it. This is the last chance.

IF Biden wins and IF the Democrats take the Senate, they MUST have OPEN and TRANSPARENT investigations, broadcast live on CSPAN. Those investigations need to follow any and all criminal and corrupt activities, and prosecute. No bias against Republicans or Democrats, all of it needs to be uncovered and prosecuted.

If the last 4 years get shrugged off like they were after Nixon, Reagan, and Bush II, then it will be clear to every single Republican (fascist) that the rule of law is irrelevant and all that matters is power. They will not every again turn over power...assuming it happens peacefully this time.

This is it. This is our last chance.

Robie said...

Out of the vast crowd one by one they all stand up and shout "I'm Anonymous"

Robt said...

Broke with Trump on deficit spending?

This brave Texan bad ass would risk everything behind closed doors as he sat alone in his office think to himself how he made Trump wait 30 minutes for his yeah vote on the senate floor. Only to walk out the door and vote for every tax dollar Trump spent to blow up the debt.
Republicans giving other republicans other people's money.

What next, Lindsey Graham confesses he let Trump win at golf? And didn't like it?

Anonymous said...

These Never Trumpers and Lincoln Project folks need to vote for Biden, then walk into the sea and not turn back.

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