Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Renouncing Satan And All His Pomps

In the very near future, you can expect to see a large number Republicans pivoting hard away from their current, unreserved support for Team Evil and forming a long parade of Very Loud Denial That They Were Ever Involved In Any Of This which will be depressingly familiar to those of us on the Left who have been through all of this before.

As wrote more than a decade ago during the Republican Party's last mass political Revirginalization, like German soldiers after the fall of Berlin, the roads out of the GOP will be choked with Republicans who will stop running away from the catastrophe they created only long enough to burn their uniforms.

And then, like magic, the political universe will once again fill up with newly minted "independents".

Once again, the very same people who had been lustily cheering for the catastrophically failed Republican president just moments before -- who had been denouncing the Left as traitors for not bending the knee to the catastrophically failed Republican president just moment before -- will now swear on the lives of their children that they never really supported him.

And that they never approved of all the Tweeting.

And anyway, Trump was never really a Republican anyway.

And Never Trumpers like Rick Wilson will be there using their huge presence in the Respectable Media to storm all over social media mocking them for their lies and hypocrisy and the utterly shameless way they're whitewashing their filthy past.

How dare they!

And I will be right there on my little blog on the far, exurban edge of respectability reminding anyone who will listen that the Republican goofs who are now desperately trying to lie and deny and whitewash away their filthy past are doing nothing more than following the wide, clear trail that Rick "I'm not to blame for any of this mayhem and don't you dare look in my trunk!" Wilson and the rest of the Never Trumpers blazed just a few short years ago.

No Half Measures


duquesne_pdx said...

One minor addition: they'll be newly minted independents screaming "OMFG DEFICIT!!!" at the tops of their COVID scarred lungs...

davidchop said...

Wait, you're saying Rick Wilson will be mocking the attempt at rebranding not joining it/rebuilding the party? Surely I'm reading that wrong.

rapier said...

I think it's more likely that most of those Republicans will be finding ways to excuse the death squads running amok in the land.

Robt said...

If it be reorganization, Organ transplanting, or re branding to the QANON independents to the conservative Libertarians.
Every single GOP in congress who covered the crimes, dismissed a president extorting a Ukraine leader. Enabling of White Supremacists to legitimize.
Do not forget the right wing base they have always stood for the Anarchy of destroying America altogether to be free like Somalia.
Whatever they morph into from living in their own toxic waste always takes new faces..

Not even the right wing world child of the future Tomi Loren can uncouple the umbilical cord without committing abortion.
The republican Senators have been the Mob lawyers like Bill Barr.
They are already snared in the rat traps needing to be disposed of.

There is a real problem. The problem of criminal activity overloasd. So much Crime-ing can short circuit accountability. There are some GOP rats who only have their tails or an leg caught in the trap and their are so many.
Like the tradition of pleas to the lesser crimes ( see Mike Flynn). Do they go after the mob bosses and leave the hit men to go.
The use of the little fish to rat out the big fish only leaves those little rats to prey on others and live to gnaw like a rat on things another day.

Miss Lindsey is a good example.
He ran against Trump and called him out as a crook, liar etc. Miss Lindsey now is wearing the Trump ball gag and is only allowed to remove it to lie for Trump. Miss Lindsey is no different than an Epstein sex slave trafficked into the Trump organization to give pleasure to the mob bosses. And is promised to be considered a mob boss some day if he pleasures them well. Bad metaphor? Perhaps.
It is the GOP Senate who confirmed Trump's criminals. That lack of moral judgement is a thing. A very rotten corrupt thing.
When these GOP senators are not confronted with their enabling of corruption by whom they confirm to perform that corruption knowingly.
You do not have to be on the left to simply read Kavanaugh's hearing opening self writen statement. To realize no matter what positives you might be able to find in his judgement for a life time position to be one of only 9 ruling for Americans (oops they mean for republicans).
His opening statement was more than enough to compel anyone of any strip of his instability, display of admitted hatred predisposed within him.

kavanaugh, "what goes around comes around" marvel of justice for all.