Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Faith and Humility Reporter For The Acela Corridor Pantograph Is Back on the Beat

Whenever he publicly belly-flops into the empty swimming pool of his own boundless ignorance of how America lives and works and thinks and feels in the Land Beyond The Hudson (as he did last week), Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times frequently retreats to the one safe place where he can pontificate in galactically-sweeping language and no one will dare gainsay him.

The pulpit.

In the pulpit, Mr. Brooks is free to sermonize on the State Of The Human Soul ...
And here we get to the nub of what sustained [Fredrick] Douglass and what sustains people today as they do this work.  It is the belief that all humans have souls. It is the belief that all people of all races have a piece of themselves that has no size, weight, color or shape, but which gives them infinite value and dignity.
 ... to his heart's content ...
It is the belief that our souls make us all radically equal. Our brains and bodies are not equal, but our souls are. It is the belief that the person who is infuriating you most right now still has a soul and so is still, deep down, beautiful and redeemable. It is the belief that when all is said and done all souls have a common home together, a final resting place as pieces of a larger unity.
... on the Sulzberger Family's dime.
When people hold fast to their awareness of souls, then they have a fixed center among the messiness of racial reconciliation and they give each other grace. If they lose the concept of the soul, they’ve lost everything.
Nice work of you can get it.

From his post as the Faith and Humility Reporter for the Acela Corridor Pantograph he can also steer a few million eyeballs to his wife's newsletter:
This fullest account of the episode can be found in Bittersweet Monthly in an article written by Anne Snyder, my wife. I visited Lambert and Dandridge in Detroit a few weeks ago, a year and a half after the grand opening.
Which is also nice.

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