Monday, October 14, 2019

Everybody Knows That The Boat is Leaking

Everybody knows that the captain lied...

Ever since the tiny band of shiftless losers known as "Never Trumpers" started using their wildly outsized media presence to announce that the only way to save the republic was for Democrats to get the hell out of the way and let them run the Democratic Party, we here at Driftglass 2020 Election Headquarters have been asking the same question.

Or, rather, shouting the same question into the abyss since not one Never Trumper has ever had the nuggets to answer it.  From "The Ex Men":

But for all their claims of a nearly-omnipotent electoral wizardry so God damn almighty that we Democrats should just shut the fuck up and do what we're told --
--  you would be forgiven for wondering out loud why the hell Tom Nichols, Rick Wilson, Bill Kristol and the rest of the Twelve Angry Kibitzers haven't decamped themselves to Massachusetts to pour all their energies into the campaign of the only person running against Trump in the Republican party primaries?

After all, Bill Weld doesn't need reverse-engineering.  He already checks pretty much every one of the Never Trumper's ideological boxes.  And he's a decent man. And he's running an actual campaign that could use all the help in can get.  So if the Never Trumpers are really capable of divining the deepest desires of some vast-but-invisible-but-apparently-decisive army of "Real" Republicans, Sensible Centrists and Noble Independents, why aren't they putting their towering electoral genius to work drawing them into the Party of Lincoln and destroying Donald Trump before the GOP hands him the nomination again?

Jesus, just imagine the rewards and accolades that would shower down upon them for bringing down the Trump administration and sweeping Bill Weld to power!  Just imagine how many helpings of steaming, hot crow Libtards like me would have to eat while we watch Bill Weld take the oath of office in January of 2021?

And as an additional bonus, let me remind the Never Trumpers that getting off their asses and flying to Massachusetts to help Bill Weld in his uphill fight carries considerably less risk than, say, going to Mississippi to register black voters in 1964...
But of course we know the answer to the question just as well as the Never Trumpers do, don't we?

We know that before Trump came slouching out of the Republican Party Monster Machine. the Never Trumpers were just standard-issue Republican hypocrites and goons who were thrilled that the base of their party were easily manipulated, reprogrammable meatbags.

We know that they were only too happy to go along with and prosper from their Republican Party's long-term project of turning itself into a shitpile of bigots and imbeciles capable of birthing Donald Trump.

We know that they know damn well that their work on building the Republican Party Monster Machine was so successful that there is no chance whatsoever that the meathead party base would abandon their Dear Leader for Bill Weld or Zombie Reagan or the Risen Christ.

And we know for sure that they would rather pull their own heads off rather than answer any inconvenient question about any of this.

No, I Won't Be Going To Politicon!


Robt said...

The illness spreading out of control.

The Rick Wilson and Charlie Sykes division.

The Hew Hewitt catogory

The Rushbo, hannity strain.

The American ISIS/ Taliban Chattle hordes of infected.

It is times like this I am hoping we have funded the CDC to be able to perform their tasking mission.

JTO said...

"And we know for sure that they would rather pull their own heads off rather than answer any inconvenient question about any of this."
Luckily, none of them will ever have to pull their own heads off - however much they might like to - because no one who matters will ever ask them inconvenient questions about it. That's the whole schtick, isn't it?
We don't have to look too far up into the pyramid scheme of media and reactionary politics to see the buy-in level. We don't need mafia goons and backroom conspiracies to make it happen. They sell us out on their own. It doesn't take long to them trade their integrity in the job just to keep the job itself.

Hal Rager said...

The whole notion that >35% of the country lacks basic things like permanence of vision since they don't comprehend that we saw that video or heard that sound file of what they did, said, yelled, posed with, or what they did too. We saw you. We heard you. We read that thing you sent out. You're like some Jr Hi boys that just can't begin to understand why their schemes keep getting found out. Hint: It's because you are stupid.

Robt said...

In all my years. I have had some very wiccked and menacing nightmares that seemed vividly realistic.

Never, Never did I have a nightmare like the Daydream recently which John (mustache nuke Iran and let Allah sort them out) Bolton.
* Never would I have an iota of Bolton freelance jamming on the republican balance beam of lies.
Bolton adding Trump and republicans to his list of blowing up floors to the U.N. Building and never noticing.
Guessing rooms of the republican Trump White House can be demolition ed as well?

Nightmare, Day-mare?

Gary Koutnik said...

When Leonard Cohen died the day before Election Day USA in 2016, it occurred to me: He died the day before all his songs came true. Now, it seems, everybody knows...