Sunday, August 04, 2019

Today In Both Sides Do It: Hugh Hewitt

As a cyborg sent from the future to destroy America, one cannot really expect Hugh Hewitt to understand how grotesquely offensive it is to "Both Sides" the white supremacist terrorists who lead the violent vanguard of Mr. Hewitt's White Supremacist Party.

Nor would one expect Mr. Hewitt to ever take sides against the out-and-proud White Supremacist Leader of his White Supremacist Party, even when his dog-loyalty to Il Douche comes at the expense of denying the evidence of his own two eyes:
You are forgiven if you missed the most important story of the week given the political pyrotechnics culminating in President Donald Trump's welcome disavowal of the nativist chant "Send her back." Trump will wisely smother such outbursts at rallies, but expect provocateurs to try to get it started again and again...
As a cyborg, Mr. Hewitt is incapable of even pretending to fake basic human emotions, and his prime directive of destroying America makes him impervious to reason.  So the very best we can hope for is to run him and his entire party of ghouls and monsters so far out of power that all we ever hear from them again are their tiny, outraged squeaks as the are buried under the ash heap of history.

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Brad in Dallas said...

Step 1 would be to somehow defund the billionaires who spent their Trump tax windfallls on a hundred ratf*ck projects to keep the GOP media shills in clover, most of which we won't find out about for a decade. A Constitutional amendment about Citizens United would help.

tony in san diego said...

expect provocateurs to try to get it started again and again...those horrible Democrats and antifas are making us chant at the rallies!!! It's not our fault!!!

Ed said...

The Destruction of America's Mental Health Care System

redford said...

False Narratives: Those who are mentally ill, vote for Trump. We must spend more on Mental Health to defeat Trump. Yes, some who vote for Trump are mentally ill but Getting More Votes is the solution.

Those who are mentally ill, kill with guns because they are crazy. Yes, some who kill with guns are crazy but solving the "Anyone Can Have a Gun" is the solution.

Robt said...

I believe it is true.
I can't say for sure, but. I hear many, many best people tell me.

That Star Trek next Gen. writer used Hewitt. When creating the shows villain of , "The BORG".

As in this episode of the Borg.

Borg Hewitt continues to assimilate others. Because, there are some very nice BORG on that side.

Dr.BDH said...

The Borg had Seven of Nine. Hewitt has Laura Ingraham.

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