Thursday, May 23, 2019

We Have Always Been at War With Rex Tillerson

The only amusement I glean from wild, pathetic, trapped-animal reversals like these by President Stupid...

...(and by now there are literally hundreds of them)... the bewildered, cow-dumb expression that reprogrammable Republican meatbags get during the brief interval between desperately trying to recall (in this case) who the fuck Rex Tillerson was, and then as the autopilot sloooowly kicks in, remembering to snarl "AOC!" or "Emails!" or "Benghaaazi!" or some bullshit fake-scandal from the Obama years before stomping away.

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1 comment:

Robt said...


Sequencing my man.

As with the Alpha and the Omega.

The before and after diet pictures for example.

By the way.

Rex did not say Trump is a ?moron"

He said "Trump is a Fucking Moron.

But does it matter when one asshole smells just as bad as the other.

They both reek of greed and prosperity through rape and pillage.
And both assholes need to be hosed down.

It does cause a skeptic to reconsider if karma really does exist in the one form or another in the state of a relative world