Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Breaking: Joe Scarborough Was Secretly a Liberal Blogger All Along!

Although the publicity department at Comcast/MSNBC has worked diligently and effectively to crate-and-warehouse any and all inconvenient facts the official history of their network --

-- there are still a few fragments of their inglorious past out there for adventurers and treasure-seekers to find.

For example, if all you knew about Dubya-era Joe Scarborough was what 2019 Joe Scarborough had to say, you would never know that we "Cheetoh-stained" Liberals even existed.  Instead, you would come away believing that Scarborough had spent the Age of Bush as practically the lone voice of reason in a sea of Republican Dubya Stans.

That he had been George W. Bush's harshest critic.  And so opposed to Bush's Iraq Debacle that he had been crucified and drummed out of the GOP!

And most awesome of all, Joe Scarborough had been the brilliant epistemological detective who uncovered the Republican party's addiction to Strategic Forgettery before anyone!  (rush transcript from the video, so pardon the typos):

All I have to do is look at your editorials during the Barack Obama administration, maybe pull up a couple of clips of you from the -- other people have done it of course and you look like total fools, by the way. Speeches, I can pull up speeches from then. Look at poor Lindsey Graham. Like a lot of these carnival workers, they're still torn not between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, but poor Lindsay Graham and Mark Levin, and others, they're torn between Donald Trump and Donald Trump! They are saying today what only Donald Trump and a few sycophants close to him were saying a couple years ago but you go back and listen to their talk radio and look at their Twitter feeds and listen to their attacks against Donald Trump. What are they saying? They were saying then what we're saying today and yet we're being hysterical? No.
It was pretty ominous.
And trust me, two years from now, you will be saying the same thing again and please give me a moment of personal privilege here. Because I remember from 2005 to 2008, actually from 2003 to 2008. I was criticizing Bush for being a big government Republican. Criticizing him in his second term for military adventurism. Oh, I was cast from the party. I wasn't sufficiently loyal. Oh, you're a RINO, Joe. And then George Bush leaves town and what happens? Suddenly, the same jackasses started saying the same thing. Well, George Bush was in power. So do I have to even complete this thought? Because you know where I'm going. Because the very things that you said before Donald Trump was in power, you're going to say when Donald Trump is out of power. 

Except Bush-Era Scarborough was nothing like this at all.

He was a standard-issue, slab-faced, teevee-ready Republican stooge with good hair.

He was Ben Domenech before Ben Domenech had crawled out of the wingnut whelping box.

For example, here is Joe Scarborough in 2004 "interviewing" Gene Simmons and enthusiastically sharing his full-throated support of George W. Bush and his "military adventurism".

And here is Good 'Ol Joe from 2005, from a long-ago scrubbed MSNBC post which, thanks to actual Liberal bloggers of the period, still lives on in our collective digital memory:
What do these terrorists take Bush for? An Italian PM?

He will not be blackmailed. He will not give in. In fact, he will only be helped by further terror attacks and civilian murders.

With every new terror strike, George W. Bush only grows stronger.

His enemies are vanquished. Michael Moore and the New York Times editorial page are historically irrelevant. The Democratic Party is in disarray. George Soros is busy planning ways to waste millions of his fortune on Hillary's 2008 loss.

The terrorists may still be killing a handful of Iraqi civilians. But all they are doing is strengthening their enemies in the United States and all of Iraq.

And just for fun, here is Bush-Era Joe Scarborough leaping hard to the defense of both Tom DeLay and Newt Gingrich:
The smear campaign has started, just like it did with Newt Gingrich. The Democrats and the media will keep throwing out any charge they can find even if the behavior attacked is legal, ethical, and practiced by other members in Congress.

A great example is what happened to DeLay's family a few weeks back when Americans were given the shocking news that Tom DeLay paid his wife and daughter for working on his campaign.

After the New York Times and other outlets howled to the high moon about the financial arrangement, breathless editorials slammed the Majority Leader and predicted his imminent demise.
I will give credit to Joe for understanding the mechanics of how Republican continuously use the media to wipe out and rewrite their inconvenient pasts to align with whichever way the political winds happen to be blowing on any given day.

As well he should.

After all, Joe's career -- and the career of every other Never Trump Republican in the media -- depends entirely on using their privileged positions in the media --

-- to bury their own inconvenient pasts a little bit deeper every single day.

Update:  This (also from the extended transcript) also deserves to be unpacked and dumped back in Squint Scarborough's lap:
Why don't you start focusing more on protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States than a life long Democrat who switched to being a Republican when he figured out racism would help him win the Republican nomination?
First, repeating that "Donald Trump was life long a Dimmocrat!" every time you open your drivel-spigot doe snot make it true, Joe.   The only thing that Donald Trump has been his whole life is a racist, lying con man who is skilled at shucking bigots and imbeciles out of their money and votes.

So thanks, Joe, for spending your entire political career helping to engineer a political party that would be racist enough and stupid enough to throw themselves into Donald Trump's.

Second -- and much more importantly -- just exactly how long has life-long Republican Joe Scarborough known that racism was the key to getting ahead inside his Republican party?

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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

"The Republican Party wants your badge and your gun, Serpico!"

The story would be a lot more believable if Mr. Scarborough didn't go on to be a Trump enabler.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

I think Maxwell smart can sum up Joey and his coolness. Proven by his Cheeto stained fingers.

As Agent 86 said to agent 99. Joey missed it by "that mush".

joejimtree said...

Id rather watch Matt Damon do it.