Thursday, April 18, 2019

Local Arsonist Wants Credit For Not Making Things Even Worse

This right here is why we burn the fucking lifeboats people.

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Robt said...

In the Mueller report,

there are clear and distinct proverbs.

To which is documented the pressure the investigation team was having placed on them over time elapsing restraints.

leading to decisions not to pursue his mandate.

For them to document this in the report impacts and short changes the investigation.

The decision not to go to the court to have the face to face questioning of the president.

While the entire time president "Believe me", was publicly crowing he would meet and has no problem answering questions.

As prosecutor Fitzgerald presented. Conviction of VP Cheney's Scooter Libby.
The public declaration, "There is a dark cloud of this hanging over the Vice President head".
But not pursuing Cheney.

I guess if the president is above the law. His VP is too. Which must be extended to his congressional party members for any lawlessness they commit.

With the little I am picking out of the report's release. What I already know in the public arena of the investigation. Is justifying and cementing the public known information.
More Kremlin nesting doll puzzle pieces.
Keeping in mind, so far every lever and participant of authority involved. From Comey, Trump, Putin, McConnell, Maria Butina, bouldergard Sessions, whitaker, Barr, Rodney Eisenstein, Mueller and many many more.

All republicans.

Mueller had to fire what the GOP called "Liberals" 2 of the team that had emails and personal sexual relations. Which is the real crime.

I have seriously given time to the lunacy and humor that would occur if instead of Mueller. A liberal as Obama's former AG Eric Holder was appointed to lead the investigation.

Now it is out the homework is pile on.