Friday, September 28, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #460

“Beware the fury of a patient man."
-- John Dryden

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dinthebeast said...

Yup, a trying, exhausting week all right. And they showed us who and what they are again right out in the light of day and on national television.
Hopefully seeing that in such close proximity to the election will open that "gender gap" I keep reading about wide enough to swallow the whole repugnant GOP as a governing party.

Off topic, but you got name checked by the Rude Pundit:

"And, while some of us asshole bloggers have gone on to bigger and better things (looking at you, Ezra Klein and Joy Reid), a good many of us are still asshole bloggers, raging in hopes of causing the dying of the right. We can't stop, people like me and Digby and Atrios and Driftglass and Emptywheel and so many others. That is our curse, while our blessing is our readers, new and old."

That's some fine company to find yourself in, if you ask me.

Anyway, thank you again for the podcast. If there were any justice in the world you would be getting a fat check from HHS for mental health upkeep on your listeners.

-Doug in Oakland

VonWenk said...

Admittedly, this didn't pop into my head until Saturday, but when Trump ordered the FBI to investigate the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, did anyone think of the Orson Welles movie Mr. Arkadin?

VonWenk said...

When Trump ordered a limited-scope investigation by the FBI into Judge Kavanaugh, did anyone else think of the Orson Welles movie Mr. Arkadin? Just a week's delay to let the public's outrage over the unfitness of this Supreme Court (or be distracted by some new Trump Administration outrage) or find some dirt to further slut-shame Kavanaugh's accusers.