Friday, September 14, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #458

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” 
-- Douglas Adams

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Robt said...

You have heard of citizens arrest right?

So why not make a citizen's 25 Amendment move?

Yes I realize there is that security around the best, brightest, smartest, greatest most superb Cheeto in the bag.

By the way,
How a Trump loyalist goes from taking a bullet for him. To becoming a RAT.

How Manafort goes from "a stand up guy", "treated so unfairly" a good man.

To a Coffee boy Rat...

Someone is going to have to describe and define what the Republican/ Conservative ideology is.
As we watch them confirm all the judicial judges expecting them to legislate from their benches.
Trump says he'll pick to overturn Roe V .

The A.C.A. lawsuits to strike down "no precondition clause". Pit n the court ipe, to get it to the SCOTUS so they can over turn it? Will Justice Roberts vote to over turn his own favorable ruling of the ACA?
How did the Right wing salad spewing Barracuda say it? " You betcha"!

So the see the courts making llaw from the bench. laws like the ACA that they so failed to repeal as legislators. They want the court to do their job.

dinthebeast said...

It really did have a "through the looking glass" feel to it this week, but with just the hint of "holy fuck, we're starting to win" mixed in.
Now to work, making that part be the true part.

Thank you again for the podcast, doses of sanity are becoming more and more important to me as this whole thing plays out.

-Doug in Oakland

David Pickering said...

I heard Blue Gal saying "I'm an independent" as soon as I read this.