Monday, August 07, 2017

Donald Trump Preps the Beds for the GOP's Big Sleep

This post is a cheat.

I wrote it back in 2005 when the cowards and bigots and con men of the GOP had made themselves willing hostages to a different, corrupt, unstable monster.

12 years later and it's blindingly obvious that the problem wasn't DeLay and the problem isn't Trump.

The problem is the entire Republican Party and every single one of their Both Siderist enablers in the Beltway media.

This was literally the fourth post I ever did, and the first two were calibration tests.

Read and see just how little things have fundamentally changed:

Rep. DeLay Preps the Beds for the GOP's Big Sleep

(This particular bit started life as a comment in Gilliard's Shoppe but has been Repurposed to better serve You, The Customer :-)

The little-“p” politics of this is fascinating.  [The fact that] Over the long run that the GOP is demographically/electorally doomed to become the minority Thurston Howell Party again. Either when the Fundy Shining Path Rebels that make up their margin of victory make one too many batshit demands, or are are told “No” once too often.

(If you want to get a clear picture of how this will look, rent “Fatal Attraction” or “Play Misty For Me”. I’m not going to be ignored, George!)

So either they take their bat and ball and stomp disgustedly back to Mordor, or a handful of moderate Republicans get so freaked out by the Randall Terry Wing of the Party that they bolt or stay home.

But short run…Tom DeLay is now a Household Name. Been waiting 10 years for that to happen and always amazed that Republicans had no fucking clue who he was, even though you’d tell them five or a hundred times. Sheesh. All RAM and no Hard Drive with some people.

Every GOP Leader knows the Gingrich Lesson: No matter how much the membership owes you, they’ll go absolutely Lord of The Flies on your Piggy-ass the minute you becomes a measurable liability. Newt was so completely “I Am The Reich” that he would have been perfectly happy to go into the bunker and fight it out until the GOP was razed to rubble had he not been stopped by his own House Republicans.

And since the Suddenly Huge Liability named Tom DeLay is now just “Tell Tale Heart”--thundering away under the GOP floorboards, threatening to drown out everything else, the question is, will that same dynamic play twice?

Well DeLay ain’t Gingrich. He learned from that episode, and they don’t call him The Hammer for his shipwright skills. He spent a decade forcibly collecting GOP testicles and caching them in his private Crown Royal bag. At the slightest provocation he will to politically and personally destroy anyone who doesn’t bend a deep knee to His Gorgon Awfulness.

And both the Texas and National Republican parties have shown absolutely craven willingness to rewrite the Rules on the fly any time the Beast’s wet-bar needed to be restocked with virgin’s blood, or whenever a law or policy might make threaten to cinch-in the bottomless lust he and his stooges have for Power, Money, Trinkets and Perks, even a trifle.

So (hahah!) they’ve kinda disarmed themselves to accommodate him, and now they’re stuck very much up on that very windy gibbet with him. So if you were running in 2006 and playing How Do I Save My Pink Republican Skin while DeLay is holding your ass held hostage, what do you do?

Got to time it juuuust right. Jump away from Herr DeLay too soon and he’ll blow your head off. Jump too late, and your face will be morphed into Tom DeLay…into Randall Terry…into, I dunno, Osama Bin Laden? in every ad, every day, for the entire election cycle.

My simple suggestion for voters in 2006?

Shoot the hostage ;-)

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Robt said...

Creepy, republican non union clowns are the worst.. Always have been no matter how they dress.

IIt seems these clowns sexually abused and beat Bannon (or Jeff Flake). and so many others they are damaged for life. Now want to get even or worse with the entire world because they so hate themselves. And that is their false supremacy they hide deep inside.

Consider the wharf rats that can hear a bigot on the radio tell them a presidential candidate is operating a child sex ring out of a Pizza joint basement. And believe it, and repeat it as if it were true?
Darwin would be amazed how some creatures never evolve but morph into uglier.

Then the GOP rabid non union clown that picks up his Jesus given right AR 15 of justice and treks many moons from his white only habitat. To bring the law to that pizza basement and free young captives from the evil Democratic presidential contender.

No Delay wasn't the problem. But Delay, newt, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Rush, Hannity, Ailes, hastert, Cheney, Rove.
All the non union clowns who can bring no amusement to the any party.
Let alone the Republican party.

It was no accident Trump chose the GOP.

trgahan said...

Conservatives haven't needed a functioning political party since before Nixon. The traditional party has been dead so long the corpse has long since stopped stinking and dried out into a withered husk. I don't think the Trump family being fully and conclusively outed as a two-bit money launderer and Russian state asset is going to have an adverse effect.

I think the bigger question right now is, unlike 1980, 1994, and 2005, the fascist crackpot billionaires who underwrite all this are so damn close to achieving the dreams of their fathers and erasing the FDR Presidency. Will they go all in in hopes of getting those last three Senate seats in 2018 needed to institute 30+ years of wet dreams?

Hard to gage what will happen given our "liberal" media is under strict orders NOT to discuss the 68+ million other November voters nor the political activities of anyone NOT an Apolitical-Average-American-Concerned-About-Deficits wearing a funny hat and waving a misspelled racially insensitive sign.