Saturday, August 05, 2017


Oh yeah.


John M. Hall said...

Can we get to airing season 3, like, right now?

Robt said...

While republican senator Jeff Flake makes public statement that, "he wishes republicans would have stood up more to the nonsense of the Birtherism".

did he stand up against it? Hell, he campaigned on it.
He also said, "NO trump is wrong, Russia investigations are real and serve an important service". But he added, "I think it will come out fine and I just want to get along with the president's agenda". But not until he said this, "Republicans should be praised for not bring mucnvhkin yes men to the president of our own party".

So we are seeing the Rise of the Side winderism(s).

You have to tell them, Soylent Green is people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And republicans are Side winders.!

Jim from MN said...

Soylent Green is people. It always was.

dinthebeast said...

But, but, I thought corporations were people... Does that mean that corporations are really Soylent Green?

-Doug in Oakland