Saturday, July 15, 2017

This Is What Your Crazy Uncle Liberty Thinks Is "News"

Syphilitic,  back-alley Fox News whores really shouldn't be talking about the peddling of flesh.


Green Eagle said...

Just to add one little microscopic piece of evidence to the mountain you have compiled over the years: Yesterday I was listening to that liberal bastion NPR while I was driving to work. They had the editor of National Review on, to explain how the current Russian treason scandal was exactly the same as Benghazi: one side says they did something wrong and the other side denies it. Not a single one of the interviewers cared to challenge that analysis.

Habitat Vic said...

A syphilitic whore, you say? Boy Howdy. However, I might disagree with the "back alley" term. Well, in spirit that is quite apropos.

In reality, that surprisingly taut face/neckline and ample breasts are likely top-shelf plastic surgery. No cheapo enhancements in Mexico for Fox News babes! Liposuction if need be to show off those legs via short skirts, see-through desks and/or leaning back on the couch. Gotta keep Crazy Uncle Liberty's "attention" if you know what I mean. And good Christian ladies, no doubt.

As Pierce would say, these really are the Mole People.

bowtiejack said...

"As Pierce would say, these really are the Mole People."

Do we all die in the end?
Is it worth it selling your personal integrity?
How much can your get?

Asking for a friend.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

So, HRC is a cunning, world-class evil megalomaniac with a bottomless bank account and no ethics? So why isn't she President?

Also, if she (and Obama, for that matter) are such amazingly gifted tricksters and so powerful, isn't that kind of who we WANT to run our country? I mean, rather than a failed real estate developer and fake TV celebrity with attention disorders and a penchant for promoting his spawn WELL beyond their capabilities?

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Yes indeed, the crotch-shots in the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and Megyn Kelly crotch-shots Now on NBC! Kool-Aid.

Davis Statton said...

Just wondering: was she named after Elvis Presley's daughter?

Robt said...

For those of us that do not have a living Uncle which denies us the privilege of having a "Crazy uncle Liberty" of our own.

Test Tube baby, Donny Trump Jr and Paul Ryan are concerned for you. They are working on a plan to not only lift Putin's adoption sanctions of Russian babies for Americans. But, to allow for Americans that are Crazy uncle liberty-less. To adopt a Russian uncle to fill this very anti Christian problem of God denying good christian Americans from being denied the religious right to have a "Crazy Uncle Liberty". Even if it comes from Russia.