Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Trumperor's New Clothes

Just tell him that the damn wall is invisible and move on.


Robt said...

If portions f the southern border with Ole Mexico is the Colorado River.

Can we make that that see through wall water proof?

With side pads on the wall on our side so when boats and rafters pass and bump into the wall (currents you see) it will provide a buffer and not cause damage.

And it is going to require graffiti painting retardants. Even the Professional Left would have room on the wall to buy some of that cheap and abundant billboard space. to advertise.

And can their be a Baskin Robbins built into the wall every 2 miles, Rest rooms every mile a with drinking fountains? Could even place an Ivanka shoe store in the wall every 50 yards.

It would be so great. Can we Pl-e-e-e-ase?

It is going to need to be a portable/ movable wall because the river actually floods and alters is size, changes direction from time to time.

I actually have a alternative Great idea for the border.

** We dig a man made Grand Canyon across the entire border. Not even evil keneivel could jump it!

Unless of course you go with Donny Jr. Idea he got from a Russian agent.

Which would be to get a big saw and saw off Mexico and let it drift away like in the cartoons.

So lets stop talking about unrealistic see through walls and go with some of my alternative reality ideas for the wall.

tony in san diego said...

Well, he has said he wants the wall to be transparent!

Jeff said...

This wins the internets for several days, Driftglass.

keith gargus said...

He won't be intersted in the wall til the next election cycle, when he'll whine that Obama stopped it.

trgahan said...

The people you have convince the wall is there, invisible, and WORKING GREAT DAMN IT...until a month before 2018 and 2020!!! are Crazy Uncle Liberty and Auntie ALL CAPS. FoxNews can do that in an evening.

Trump, like the rest of the conservatives, relay on an undocumented, marginalized labor force to make their enterprises even profitable. Well the parts that are supposed to be, not money laundering/tax evasion parts. He could care less about an actual wall. Trump/Jared's goal is to be sure the right shell companies get the right contracts that will make Credit Mobilier look like an accounting error.