Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Both Siderist's Lament, Ctd.

Golly, Matthew, I dunno.

But I'm willing to bet my weekly paycheck against your weekly paycheck that one very big reason these meatheads ended up this way is because for many, many, many years, every single fucking time another Republican lied us into the wrong war and then fucked that war up or got caught napping during a national disaster or stole an election or methodically stripped poor and minority American citizens of their right to vote or pissed away a budget surplus and then ran up the largest deficits in modern history or presided over the immolation of the global economy or dismissed climate change as a Liberal conspiracy or launched wave attacks against a woman's right to choose or openly and gleefully colluded to obstruct and sabotage the administration of Barack Obama every single time they tried to clean up those Republican catastrophes and move us a few steps forward...

...there was always a large and well-paid cohort Beltway Both Siderist goofs like you on corporate media retainer who would immediately leap into action, running in circles, blaming Both Sides and yawping about the horrors of the Horrible K'rupt Duopoly!

You know, political Capgras Syndrome truly is a terrible affliction.

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Robt said...

Dowwd has this wrong.

The Trump crime family count on honest people that would not expect to get scammed, ripped off and duped.

matter of fact, Donald targets working class in particular.

Exhibit 1
His rip off university.....
He didn't target wealthy. And he knows he can settle for profit and have a clean criminal record.

His Business bankruptcies leave the working tax payer class to pay for his failures.

Anonymous said...

"fascinating/sad"...?? What? He writes like Tboy.

I always think of the five young men whom he condemned then actually advertised it like...I think of them so often. And the housing discrimination while grifting and fighting the feds. Low-brow loser he is.

wibble said...

Good Lord - you have a weekly paycheck?!

Lucky bastidge... ~:)P

Robt said...

"Low-brow loser he is."

And like the Vietnam lotto winners that won a vacation in the paradise of Vietnam and so pampered by the service staff of by the Viet Cong.

We now are big Lotto winners of the Low Brow Loser.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robt. Same stinkin principle in operation, eh? SSDD. I'm forced to sum it up as a culling of the herd (of us). Big Pharma. Big Sugar. Big Guns & God we're being sold.
Those meth-labs in mini-vans and motel rooms, they didn't go away. Dems need to promise genuine help for (us) people and make it happen. At least give us a running chance. Our kids are hungry.

Bob Brandon said...

For a moment, I thought it read "Crapgas" - which seems to be a better term to describe Beltway courtier pundits.

aguy said...

The Gregory (reduced to commentator on the early morning shows now) , while talking about the implosion and clusterfuck that is the republican health killer bill and tax cut extravaganza, went through a litany of republican crimes and misdemeanors, and as he was handing the talking stick back mentioned that "all this is mirrored on the left", with out giving one example - nobody said anything it's just how they roll.