Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person: Capgras Syndrome Edition

From CBS News, November, 2 2015:
Man with rare disorder can't recognize his own reflection

A man who thought he saw a "stranger" in the bathroom mirror, when he was actually looking at his own reflection, turned out to have a rare neurological condition, a new case report finds.

The 78-year-old man in France, identified in the report as Mr. B, noticed a stranger in his house. Mr. B said that the stranger looked just like him, but stayed in the bathroom mirror, according to the authors of the report published online Aug. 25 in the journal Neurocase.

After a checkup, doctors diagnosed Mr. B with a condition called atypical Capgras syndrome. In a regular case of Capgras syndrome (named after French psychiatrist Joseph Capgras, who first published a report on the disorder in 1923), a person thinks that a friend or family member has been replaced with an identical imposter.

Mr. B's case was atypical because his delusion did not concern another person, but himself, Diard-Detoeuf told Live Science in an email...
As I have pointed out several hundred times already, one of the most toxic side effects of the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It is that, thanks to years of relentless repetition by the Beltway media, every single wingnut in Christendom has been trained to automatically pull out "But Both Sides Do It" as their all purpose, get-out-of-accountability-free alibi every single time another batshit Conservative lie or conspiracy theory blows up in their face:
I am speaking, of course, of The High and Holy Church of Both Siderism.

The God of The High and Holy Church of Both Siderism has ruled the American political media for most of our lives, and its deacons and cardinals and popes have made themselves wealthy and influential by spreading it doctrine everywhere.  It has smothered every honest attempt at healing what is broken in our culture, and provided the Right with a permanent alibi for every atrocity they commit...
Well now that we have come to the "reaping the whirlwind" portion of our show, take a good look at who cannot recognize his own reflection when it bleats "But both sides!" right back at him.

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Robt said...

Setting aside the exclusive use of bothsiderism by the conservatives. When they fail morally, ethically and caught in bed with a death male child.

Can it be clarified specifically on "Bothsider" requires no less than 2 sides and no more than 2 sides.

So what of the independents? Give-Me-Tarian party? The freedom Wacko party?

Is their an "all three thirds of the pie ? A fourth side to the coin?

How does the conservatives utilized both sides when it is clearly more than two sides in the recipe?

Bill Clinton, HW Bush and Ross Perot in the race.

How can bothsiderism be utilized and projected in this scenario?
\As for Dowd,
there is more than one type of media. Same for News outlets. They compete. Some want flashy headlines of nonsense as a Peacock with its fanned feathers attracting attention, Where others report on instances that seem vital to know.
As a so called news guy. Is Dowd guilty of conjuring the bothsider defense for himself and his own underpergorming.?

RUKidding said...

Eh? My parents - may they rest in peace - both instantly adjured me that what Tricky Dick did was simply "what everyone else does. He just happened to be the only one who got caught."

So that notion that it's somehow OK - IOKIYAR, of course - because "everyone else does it" has a long and venerable history in the Republican party, as far as I'm concerned. No doubt, my parents would be repeating the same bs to me right now.

I gave up a long time ago expecting Republicans to have ANY standards as far as their party/politics go. It's Party over Country 110% of the time. Their venal sleezy skeevy "ends" justify any and all means.

Despite my own issues and misgivings with Obama, can you Just Imagine the uproar if anything remotely like this happened with him? I mean, these are the same fools who went ballistic because Obama liked Dijon mustard.

But no doubt funamentally ridiculous Dowd will find a way to Both Sides! the sh*t outta this one, too. I mean: enjoying Dijon mustard and colluding with the Russians during an election?? SAME! Both Sides!

dinthebeast said...

And that, Matty Boy, is why I settled on "president four-year-old" when speaking of the current president and have doggedly stuck with it.

-Doug in Oakland