Friday, June 16, 2017

She Love You Long Time

NBC News Chief Andy Lack's latest mega-star "journalism" caught on tape opening up about her "process".

Oops. Grabbed the wrong tape.

Here we go.

From Media Matters:

What Megyn Kelly says in leaked audio from Alex Jones

Kelly soothes Jones’ fragile ego, assures him the interview will not be contentious, tells him that her show is about “fun,” and even promises to let Jones review any clips they use.
To the men in the big corporate offices, none of this matters at all.

To them, it's just a peep show.  Just something freakish and lurid staged to get the crowd into the tent so they can sell 'em dick pills and reverse mortgage.  And if it is killing democracy, well fuck democracy.  It's democracy's own damn fault for not having a better agent.


Belvoir said...

Laughing so hard at that Mighty Wind scene with Jane Lynch. Applying it to Megyn Kelly is just comic perfection. Thanks!

Jimbo said...

Jane Lynch is a terrific actor and comedienne; Megyn Kelly is an ex-Fox puppet "reporter". Needless to say, a huge difference in intellect and personality.

Robt said...

Is Kelly so enthused with the InfowWars dude, the Putin so that she now neglects the Newt?
I didn't need to watch her give Putin U.D.A. media time he is accustomed to and provides for himself in Trump's Mother Russia.

The Megyn should go along with Dennis Rodman to N. Korea and do interview(s) on location.

I am not interested nor would I watch such "entertainment for the degraded FOBAR educated. Would rather tune in to George Nori If having only those to to choose.
MSNBC has not been successful as yet to correct the Greta from speaking out of the right side of her mouth she is notorious for.
I do know know this,
Both siders of the republican party are incurably insane.

And I think republican Congressman Steve Scalese needs to publicly thank every Amrican for the high level of health care we provided him with. Publically thanking those same Americans he voted to taketh their health care away.
Please feel free to provide a media alert, When the Kelly gives air time for Scalese or others to publicly thank us for their coverage, and security.