Friday, June 16, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #393

"President Bartlet: Toby, If we start pulling strings like this don't you think every homeless veteran will come out of the woodwork?

Toby Ziegler: I can only hope so, sir.."
-- The West Wing, In Excelsis Deo

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lostnacfgop said...

"In Excelsis Deo" was one of the finest episodes in that great show that kept me grounded during the first 5 awful years of the Cheney regime . . .

Scurra said...

"There is no middle ground".
Over here in the UK, we're having a similar experience right now. A huge tower block fire resulting in the loss of tens (or possibly hundreds) of lives that was the direct result of regulation-bending and cost-saving - and was specifically warned about a few months ago - and all we're going to get is yet another public inquiry* which will eventually produce a report which will be brushed under the carpet until the next time it happens.

Because there is no middle ground. You can either value profit or people but not both.

*oh yeah, and the inquiry will cost money that will be paid for by the taxpayer. Not the companies. Even if they are fined into oblivion. Because the blame culture means that no-one takes wider responsibility.

Don P said...

A little off-topic, but a positive thing coming out of the Megyn Kelly (The New Gold Standard of Journalism™)/Alex Jones schadenfreude fiasco is the Newtown families refusal to go on her show. Mad props to these folks for not legitimizing that shitshow with their presence and playing the both sides game. 17 million a year for this, folks! Think of number of actual journalists they could hire, never mind dumping Tamron Hall. BTW, is her show called Preempted for Football 17 Weeks a Year?

dinthebeast said...

President four-year-old not only doesn't meet the standards of the Army Field Manual, he doesn't meet the standards for being a vertebrate.
And of course they are trying to use their shock! shock, I say that some crazy fuck took a shot at a congressman, who voted to overturn Obama's rule that barred mentally ill people from buying guns and called the passage of the AHCA which would literally kill thousands of poor people "History has been made", to get people to "tone down" their opposition to the senate's reprehensible behavior in trying to pass the damn thing in literally the slimiest way ever, because of course they are. That's who and what they are.
So I don't know whether there might be some technique to reason with those fucks, but honestly I'm not very interested in doing so while they are trying to kill me, and even were I so interested, the evidence is piling up that they will literally take death as an option to Democratic control of our government.
I have lived through some dicey and dangerous shit in my time, so this is feeling less like "fight or flight" and more like "right and wrong."
And again, thank you for the breath of fresh air that your podcast always is.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

On AM Joy and Bill Maher. Bothsiderism was deployed by republicans.
Joy was more aggressive in confronting and putting to shame. Bill, well he said, "come on, not true". To his Breitbart editor guest.
Bill felt the need to be nice to his Brietbart guest for just coming on the show. How brave he is. For promoting his Breitbart on Bill's show.

Bill has a thing for the Nugent, now that Ted made one comment about one thing (sucking on his machine gun). Left out that "he will be on death row or dead if Obama gets elected". Which proved Ted Nugent is just as good as many other end of the world profits and their end time profecies have come true. Until they didn't. Which was time to forget that happened.

The forgetfulness tactic of the right can be aligned and counted.
*Reagan never raised taxes. Only cut them.

*When HW Bush ran for president, he never called "Reaganomics", "Voodoo economics".

* Iraq invasion for WMD and economic collapse. Not one republican voted for GW.

*All the guns that Obama confiscated.

*Trump's claim of finding "things you won't believe in Hawaii" on Obama.

*Never hung effigies of Obama. Never did nothing a cruel as Kathy Griffin.

Now demanding Dems display political correctness to them after railing against the pansy dems and the PC.
It is a long list and so hard to chose from.

But there is one thing I need someone to explain to me as a anti convert.

Why is the corrupt disgraced Ex GOP speaker of the House brought on the TV?

I am hear to testify.
For attention, Newt would go on TV. Drop his pants and bomb a turd. Bare handed wipe his ass. Bring that hand straight to his mouth and start sucking on those brown finger live.

Newt is a person (I didn't say man) that has very seldom been shown his limitations. And he has so many to have shown to him.
-Why won't people help Newt and show him his limitations to help bring an end to his self destructive misery.?????????? Why?